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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Time to Steepen the Curve and Accelerate Infection of Low-Risk People

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Back in March 2020 it made sense to initiate lockdowns—too much was unknown about COVID-19 and our experts were wholly incompetent and ignorant of just about everything, and so we needed time to learn—caution made sense.

That time has now passed and we have now moved into public policy that is actively destructive and deadly to life and limb and hope.

  • People have delayed medical care that will result in death or long-term health-problems (cancer treatment and detection, surgeries, preventive care of all kinds, numerous other things). It is very possible that over the next year or two more deaths will result from such delayed medical care than from all COVID-19 deaths.
  • An economic train wreck which is hurting the most vulnerable people the hardest, resulting in spikes in suicides (more to come assuredly), destruction of hopes and dreams, decimation of savings, psychological trauma and so on. Just for starters.
  • Arbitrary and capricious rules by bureaucrats having no basis in any credible science leading to egregious violations of constitutional and human rights—for no demonstrable benefit.
  • A government-created split of “haves” and “have nots”: those who have maintained their income and those who have been reduced to poverty. This is not a “shared sacrifice”, but an immolation of an entire class of citizens while another class is either not affected financially or might even gain from it. Worst of all, minimally or entirely untouched salaries and benefits in the public sector are paid for by taxes taken from victims forbidden to work at the implicit point of a gun. That is unspeakably regressively vicious.

Here in California, the death rate from COVID-19 is stunningly low and of those, by and large only the already severely weakened are the ones dying—and they might just as well have died from other causes—no one is subtracting the expected baseline death of those who have died, which is indefensibly illogical and unscientific at best—fundamentally dishonest. And the COVID-19 death figures are mostly based on guessing at the cause of death, perhaps with pressure to blame it on CV19—GIGO.

Moving forward: rapidly infect the low-risk population

Even the staid Dr. Fauci now acknowledges the delayed medical problem explicitly, apparently finally having had the courage to point it out. But the damage is in virtually every area of life. It is carnage at this point, and not from COVID-19.

Current policies could result in more unnecessary deaths than from all COVID-19 deaths.

By not actively seeking to allow escalating infection of the low-risk portion of the population, the high-risk groups will be at risk for a year or more. At the same time, it’s those high-risk groups that are also at most risk for delayed medical care for other issues! Meanwhile all the other damages are intensifying, the limited faux “reopening” notwithstanding.

Kicking the can down the road and picking off this scab every day for the next year or more has no logical, ethical or scientific basis. Quite the opposite.

A radical change in approach is needed whose goal is to allow low-risk people to become infected at accelerated rates so that the destruction can end.

  • Institute extra protective measures for high risk people: continued self isolation, special shopping hours and delivery services, targeted frequent screening, prioritization for PPE, special procedures at all public facilities—whatever it takes to allow high risk people (self designated) to protect themselves reasonably well, since that is all that is possible in any case.
  • Encourage all low-risk people to go back to work and school. Some will be infected and die—that is a given in any population and implicit in any adult discussion. But most will get infected and get over it. And all will be able to resume mostly normal lives which will have tremendous economic and psychological and health benefits.
  • Encourage the use of PPE and similar but let life go back to normal. The infection rate will spike but that is the goal, and the mitigation measures will moderate it to a reasonable rate. To get past this crisis, we need a much higher infection rate that can be sustained without overhwelming things. Should a hospital capacity breach be anticipated, reverse course for a short time to bring the infection rate down, on a localized basis.
  • Adapt dynamic and nimble mitigation strategies should hospitalization rates surge on a trend that would overwhelm facilities. Not the idiotic statewide rules which are too little for a few areas and gross overkill for others.
  • With a far larger pool of healthy, strong, recovered disease-free people, rapidly scale up serum antibody therapy for those who get into COVID-19 trouble. I’m sure that many people would freely donate, but many have suffered financially, so PAY (and pay well) the donors of the blood plasma with strong antibodies.

The foregoing should be opt-in or opt-out as a personal choice.

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