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A Prescription for Harm: the Modus Operandi of Modern Medicine

Most of the population is already deficient or highly deficient in key things, like magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, and others.

It is a given that no organism can function with full health when deprived of essential nutrients. So why would anyone competent, responsible or caring not FIRST ensure that key nutrients like magnesium are present in the body in adequate amounts BEFORE prescribing dangerous and expensive drugs? That is in fact how modern medicine operates, a status quo as unethical as it is dangerous.

Do doctors test for these critically important nutrients? Vitamin D sometimes, magnesium deficiency and Vitamin K2, almost never. Magnesium deficiency in particular is associated with hundreds of maladies, including coronary artery calcification.

So here is how modern medicine works. Repeat for every medical problem with different specialists, never connecting the dots when the true root cause is a simple nutrient deficiency, such as magnesium deficiency.

How medicine works today

To keep this simple, I’ll speak to magnesium deficiency:

  1. Patient arrives with common disease. Run standard and mostly useless tests. Do NOT test for magnesium deficiency as that isn’t in the guidelines.
  2. Inform patient of the need to take a powerful drug to fix the issue, a drug that in many cases might actually directly make the problem worse e.g., drugs with fluorine which permanently bind magnesium and thus exacerbate magnesium deficiency.
  3. The drug doesn’t help and it causes other problems, so prescribe more drugs which in turn exacerbate magnesium deficiency even more. The patient now has 3/4/5/10 drugs which are likely to have at least some side effects. Things are not any better, but the guidelines have been followed.
  4. Inform patient that s/he is pretty much fucked (in so many words) and that s/he will have to take all these drugs for the rest of their life, since the condition is not improving. The meta message becomes “hope is gone, you are hopelessly damaged and you have to keep popping pills, or face a high chance of dying”.
  5. Keep collecting your payments for doing your job irresponsibly. Repeat ad nauseum.

That’s pretty much how it works today.


  1. Evaluate patient for signs of nutrient deficiencies (doctor: go back to school, learn about nutritional deficiencies and stop injuring your patients by your laziness and ignorance).
  2. If any signs of likely nutrient deficiencies are present, take all possible measures to fix those deficiencies along with accurate tests as needed (doctors: know what tests are bunk, and use the right tests).
  3. If after verifying that all nutritional deficiencies have been addressed, then and only then resort to pharmacology.

Doctors, if this is too hard for you (guidelines, insurance, time, etc), get the hell out of the field and stop hurting people.

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