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Vitamin C: a cure for lethal viral infections including Poliomyelitis, and could it cure COVID-19? The Groundbreaking Work of Doctor F.R. Klenner and How It was Ignored

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Best Vitamin C?

To be clear, there is NO EVIDENCE I am aware of that Vitamin C can cure COVID-19 (other than the F.R. Klenner work cited below, which in proper dosing is claimed to kill many viruses).

UPDATE Dec 2 2020: COVID patient with sepsis makes 'remarkable' recovery following megadose of vitamin C”.

And I don’t expect any to emerge, since no drug company wants to waste money on trialing a product that cannot be patented, no matter how effective it might be. After all, if obvious fraud shut down nearly all trials of hydroxychloroquine, what the hell can we expect from our gullible “experts” some of WHOm still insist that masks are not needed unless caring for a COVID-19 patient?

Most doctors are complicit in that mentality for all diseases, an ugly truth of modern medicine. Doctors are now employed directly by hospitals and soon drug companies will own the hospitals, a nauseating prospect for health and well being.

And yet since there is no effective treatment known as I write this, my personal approach would be to take as much Vitamin C as my gut could tolerate (preferably liposomal Vitamin C @AMAZON) because at the least it has been well proven to neutralize toxins.


The jury is definitely out as far as mainstream allopathic medicine goes, but there are hints that the way Vitamin C has been treated is another “statin fiasco”, but in the opposite sense.

While statins are poisons inflicted on the public based on a never-proven constantly-changing cholesterol hypothesis drive by money, status and patent profits. Whereas Vitamin C is essential to life and was proven to cure “untreatable” viral infections with no toxicity even at extremely high doses (too much water can kill you, so is water toxic?).

The fiasco part? So far, what I am seeing is that studies that actually test the Dr F.R. Klenner protocols seem to have been studiously avoided by the modern medical establishment, with the wrong protocols used to “prove” that Vitamin C doesn’t work. And if it’s not mentioned in medical texts, it doesn’t exist as far as modern medicine is concerned (99% of doctors).

The published findings of F.R. Klenner are fascinating, and none other than Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling was a staunch Vitamin C proponent.

Hidden In Plain Sight: The Pioneering Work of Frederick Robert Klenner, M.D

Some physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin. –F. R. Klenner, MD

It has been reported that one of the mold-derived drugs, in addition to being a good antibiotic, is a super-vitamin. Conversely, we argue that Vitamin C, besides being an essential vitamin, is a super- antibiotic. Vitamin C in vitro, if maintained at body temperature, inactivates certain toxins at an unbelievable rate.

The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C, by Fred R. Klenner, M.D.

IN A PREVIOUS REPORT dealing with the antagonistic properties of ascorbic acid to the virus of atypical pneumonia, mention was made of the fact that other types of virus infections had responded favorably to vitamin C. This paper is to present these findings as well as the results of subsequent studies on the virus of poliomyelitis, the viruses causing measles, mumps, chickenpox, herpes zoster, herpes simplex and influenza. Further studies with the virus of atypical pneumonia will also be discussed.

These observations of the action of ascorbic acid on virus diseases were made independently of any knowledge of previous studies using vitamin C on virus pathology, except for the negative report of Sabin after treating Rhesus monkeys experimentally infected with the poliomyelitis virus. A review of the literature in preparation of this paper, however, presented an almost unbelievable record of such studies. The years of labor in animal experimentations; the cost in human effort and in “grants,” and the volumes written, make it difficult to understand how so many investigators could have failed in comprehending the one thing that would have given positive results a decade ago. This one thing was the size of the dose of vitamin C employed and the frequency of its administration. In all fairness it must be said that Jungeblut noted on several occasions that he attributed his failure of results to the possibility that the strength of his injectable “C” was inadequate. It was he who unequivocally said that “vitamin C can truthfully be designated as the antitoxic and antiviral vitamin.”

In the poliomyelitis epidemic in North Carolina in 1948, 60 cases of this disease came under our care. These patients presented all or almost all of these signs and symptoms: Fever of 101 to 104.6°, headache, pain at the back of the eyes, conjunctivitis, scarlet throat; pain between the shoulders, the back of the neck, one or more extremity, the lumbar back; nausea, vomiting and constipation. In 15 of these cases the diagnosis was confirmed by lumbar puncture; the cell count ranging from 33 to 125...

The treatment employed was vitamin C in massive doses. It was given like any other antibiotic every two to four hours. The initial dose was 1000 to 2000 mg., depending on age...

Two patients in this series of 60 regurgitated fluid through the nose. This was interpreted as representing the dangerous bulbar type. For a patient in this category postural drainage, oxygen administration, in some cases tracheotomy, needs to be instituted, until the vitamin C has had sufficient time to work — in our experience 36 hours. Failure to recognize this factor might sacrifice the chance of recovery. With these precautions taken, every patient [WIND: 60 patients] of this series recovered uneventfully within three to five days.

...Chickenpox gave equally good response...

...Many cases of influenza were treated with vitamin C...

...The response of virus encephalitis to ascorbic acid therapy was dramatic. Six cases of virus encephalitis were treated and cured with vitamin C injections...

...The use of vitamin C in measles proved to be a medical curiosity...It was our privilege to observe this picture over and over in two little volunteer girls for 30 days. These “research helpers” were my own little daughters. The measles virus was eventually destroyed in this instance by continuing 12,000 mg. by mouth each 24 hours for four days. We interpreted this result to indicate that on withdrawing the drug with the cessation of signs and symptoms, a small quantity of the virus remained, which after another incubation period produced anew the first stage of measles; when the drug was continued beyond the clearing stage the virus was destroyed in toto. No case of post-measles bronchopneumonia was seen...

...Of mumps, 33 cases were treated with ascorbic acid. When vitamin C was given at the peak of the infection the fever was gone within 24 hours, the pain within 36 hours, the swelling in 48 to 72 hours...

...Further studies on virus pneumonia showed that the clinical response was better when vitamin C was given to these patients according to the dose schedule outlined for poliomyelitis...


In using vitamin C as an antibiotic no factor of toxicity need be considered. To confirm this observation 200 consecutive hospital patients were given ascorbic acid, 500 to 1000 mg. every four to six hours, for five to ten days. One volunteer received 100,000 mg. in a 12-day period. It must be remembered that 90 per cent of these patients did not have a virus infection to assist in destroying the vitamin. In no instance did examination of the blood or urine indicate any toxic reaction, and at no time were there any clinical manifestations of a reaction to the drug. When vitamin C was given by mouth one per cent of these patients vomited shortly after taking the drug. In half of these cases the vomiting was controlled by increasing the carbohydrate content of the mixture. This reaction was not interpreted as representing a toxic manifestation; rather it was thought to be due to a hypersensitive gastric mucosa. The dose was reduced from 1000 to 100 mg. in young children showing this complex; vomiting occurred as before. However, in these same patients administration of massive, frequent doses of vitamin C by needle effected a cure of the infection without causing vomiting.

From a review of the literature one can safely state that in all instances of experimental work with ascorbic acid on the virus organism the amount of virus used was beyond the range of the administered dose of this vitamin. No one would expect to relieve kidney colic with a five-grain aspirin tablet; by the same logic we cannot hope to destroy the virus organism with doses of vitamin C of 10 to 400 mg. The results which we have reported in virus diseases using vitamin C as the antibiotic may seem fantastic. These results, however, are no different from the results we see when administering the sulfa, or the mold-derived drugs against many other kinds of infections. In these latter instances we expect and usually get 48- to 72-hour cures; it is laying no claim to miracle-working then, when we say that many virus infections can be cleared within a similar time limit.

Incredible. But Vitamin C cannot be patented, so the modern medical establishment steadfastly seems to have ignored the protocols and “proved” these results wrong.

The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C, by Robert Landwehr

In the late spring of 1949 the United States was in the grip of its worst poliomyelitis epidemic ever. On June 10 a paper on ways to save the lives of bulbar polio victims was read at the Annual Session of the American Medical Association (subsequently printed in its journal, JAMA, September 3, 1949, pages 1-8, volume 141, no. 1). Following the talk members of the audience were invited to comment. The first speaker, a leading authority from Pasadena, focused on details of tracheotomy techniques caused when paralyzed breathing, swallowing and coughing muscles of victims threatened their lives. Why the next person was recognized is puzzling. The only national recognition he had received — and it was obviously very limited — was that his picture appeared in Ebony in 1947 for having delivered of a deaf-mute black woman the first known surviving, identical quadruplets in the country. Here is the abstract of his remarks as recorded in JAMA.

Dr. F. R. Klenner, Reidsville, N.C.: It might be interesting to learn how polio- myelitis was treated in Reidsville, N.C., during the 1948 epidemic. In the past seven years, virus infections have been treated and cured in a period of seventy-two hours by the employment of massive frequent injections of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. I believe that if vitamin C in these massive doses — 6,000 to 20,000 mg in a twenty- four hour period — is given to these patients with poliomyelitis none will be paralyzed and there will be no further maiming or epidemics of poliomyelitis."

...One can imagine the silence that must have greeted this sweeping, out-of-place declaration by a small-town general practitioner.

The empirical, clinical basis for Klenner's statement is found in his paper "The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C", published in the July 1949 issue of the Journal of Southern Medicine and Surgery. On pages 211-212 he writes:

THE JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN MEDICINE AND SURGERY: Massive Doses of Vitamin C and the Virus Diseases, F. R. KLENNER, M.D

It has been reported that one of the mold-derived drugs, in addition to being a good antibiotic, is a super-vitamin. Conversely, we argue that Vitamin C, besides being an essential vitamin, is a super- antibiotic. Vitamin C in vitro, if maintained at body temperature, inactivates certain toxins at an unbelievable rate.

...It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the degree of neutralization in a virus infection will be in proportion to the concentration of the vitamin and the length of time in which it is employed.

...Vitamin C, likewise, is important, not only as a detoxifying agent, as a catalyst aiding cellular respiration by acting as a hydrogen transport, as a catalyst in the assimilation of iron, and as a conservator of collagen fibers and bundles in tissues of mesenchymal origin; but, also, because of its function as a reducing agent or the precursor of such a substance. In this latter capacity it fulfills the requirements of an antibiotic. A striking phenomenon of vitamin C is the similarity of response, whether to correct pathologic processes due to a deficiency of this compound, acting as a vitamin; or to destroy the ferments of microorganisms, acting as an antibiotic.

A few key points of Dr. Klenners work on Vitamin C include (1) many viruses and bacteria kill by toxins and Vitamin C neutralizes those toxin, (2) some viral effects are in effect “focal” (localized) scurvy which can lead to severe problems from bleeding, (3) Vitamin C interferes with viral replication but enough must be used and long enough to overwhelm the virus very much a therapeutic threshold response, which varies by the viral and toxic load.

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