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Just Say 'Yes' to Powerful Drugs: The Great Majority of Medical Doctors Wallow in Nutritional Ignorance

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Recent experiences with magnesium follow below.

Learning must be lifelong in any field, but particularly when health is concerned and it’s your job to maximize health.

Shame on MDs who ignore nutritional deficiencies or proven treatments just because medical textbooks did not include them in the edition in force during training.

I don’t fault any MD who was unaware and untrained in nutrition who then becomes aware and takes action to fix the knowledge deficiency. Sadly, none of my doctors have ever engaged their brains on nutrition! On the flip side, no one should ever be faulted for doing the right thing “too late”, since just about any right thing could have been done sooner.

So—kudos to MDs willing and eager to grow their knowledge and to change their practice accordingly. Kudos to MDs who thrive on the knowledge that patients can teach them a thing or two, if only they choose to listen and observe—versus paint-by-numbers medicine. Kudos to MDs who come to the realization that much of what they learned in medical school has been debunked and that much was left out.

Kudos to MDs who realize that conclusions in medical studies are often unwarranted unsupportable bunk based on ill-conceived testing protocols, with conclusions often influenced by cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. For those reasons, reading conclusions in medical studies is intellectually indefensible—at least some skimming/scanning must be done to see whether the conclusions may be misleading, or even indefensible.

Practicing medicine without an intellectual basis for it

See: A Prescription for Harm: the Modus Operandi of Modern Medicine

No organism can enjoy health when deprived of critical nutrients, yet this is precisely how modern medicine operates. I speak especially of magnesium deficiency, but also of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K. But also the healing powers of Vitamin C against toxins/poisons and against viruses and bacteria and their toxins—efficacy willfully ignored and “debunked” by studies intentionally ignoring the protocols of per F.R. Klenner and then falsely claiming lack of efficacy.

Some readers might think my prior posts on health have been much too critical of doctors. But the more I learn and prove to myself the reality that I myself was ill served by modern medicine, I am now thinking I was too kind.

It is not the past which I am condemning, but the failure to take immediate and intensive effort to fix the intellectual deficit. The right thing done “too late” is still worthy of praise.

So I am now doubling down: I assert that most doctors are grossly ignorant of nutrition and therefore incompetent because they fail to consider nutrient deficiency. Willful ignorance in the face of tens of thousands of studies rises to medical malpractice, which is not infrequently based on financial conflicts of interest.

Shame on every doctor who fails to consider*, for example, magnesium for hypertension, blood sugar, migraines, neuropathy, neurological protection and repair, coronary artery calcification, and dozens of other conditions before resorting to dangerous drugs. Yes, all those things can result from magnesium deficiency and it is only one of many nutrients. Not one of my doctors ever even mentioned magnesium in my lifetime.

Not trained in nutrition and apparently uninterested in the health robustness that comes from proper nutrition, doctors as a group wallow in their ignorance and have become dispensers of poisons of many types (eg statins), with unjustified cognitive commitments and confirmation biases instilled in medical schools where “knowledge” is regularly debunked and studies are conflicting and barely plausible due to statistical manipulation to suit funding sponsors, and shot through with financial and ethical conflicts—then taken as the basis for one-size-fits-all guidelines which often are little better than quackery

Doctors now apply epidemiological pseuedo-science to individuals in so many areas even while ignoring critical nutritional requirements: “here are your drugs, you will never be cured, take them the rest of your life along with the additional drugs that will be needed due to damaging the body with the starting drug and failing to make any attempt at health”. It is a huge reeking manure pile of intellectual and ethical malfeasance.

Were I a doctor, I don’t know how I could look myself in the mirror until I thoroughly expanded my knowledge of nutrition, since everything in health rests upon it. If only 10% of my patients could be helped and perhaps cured by nutritional means, wouldn’t I have the strongest ethical obligation to do so? Medical ethics seem to be an oxymoron. A

It is a sad state of affairs for anyone with a health problem.

For a global health crisis caused by the disturbing mentality of the modern medical establishment, see BMJ: “Subclinical magnesium deficiency: a principal driver of cardiovascular disease and a public health crisis”.

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