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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19 China Virus: Hysterical Policies for COVID-19 are a Massively Destructive Economic Earthquake in context of a blip in death rate

UPDATE: see September 6 2020 graph.


You won’t hear this on the “news”*.

San Mateo County, CA: COVID-19 statistics as of July 27, 2020

Here’s a little perspective on the ongoing mass hysteria on the COVID-19 thing. The whole state of California is seeing massive economic destruction which will end up killing far more people than COVID-19, and killing younger people too—the loss of many more years of lifespan.

Is the COVID-19 China virus “just the flu”? Certainly not, but it’s also not the problem it is painted to be. We did not know that in February but we sure know it now—but now it is all about mass hysteria, crushingly destructive policies, outright tyranny and... the right policy is infecting as many low-risk people as quickly as possible—not crushing lives and income for years on end.

All graphs and data mislead for various reasons, but here are some key points:

  • As shown below, the deaths from COVID-19 are through July 27, but it’s not over yet and there will be more deaths. Still, the deaths versus the population of 771000 people amount to 0.015%, or 1 in 6533. And 95% of those deaths are those 70 years or older, whose expected lifespan ranges from short to very short. My guess is that most of those people had underlying comorbidities such that their true expected lifespan might be as low as 7 years on average. And how much of the high-risk population was actually infected... no one knows.
  • The statistics are grossly misleading without subtracting the baseline death rate for the victims—is that 10% or 50% or what? It’s not zero, and given that the most victims had comorbidities, a significant portion of the alleged CV19 deaths would have occurred from some other cause. In other words, it might be that 30 of those 118 people would have died one way or another without CV19. Unless this baseline is subtracted out, the statistics are little better than government propaganda.
  • The alleged cases are bullshit GIGO—the true number is surely vastly higher. Anyone lacking overt symptoms is discouraged from getting tested, and we have no random sampling program in place. Worse, the tests themselves have very high error rates—15% or even 30% false negative rates.

So many statistical questions remain untold by authorities and for those that exist, the data is GIGO junk data.

Then we have the alleged “experts”—doctors. Sorry doctors, most of you have little to no knowledge to be useful outside your narrow specialty and most of you are far less qualified than I am on statistics and data analysis. And when I was infected it was clear that I was far more knowedgeable than my internist doctor. Worse and this is an ongoing debacle for decades now—doctors are for the most part useless for prevention—idiot savants that never address nutritional deficiencies as a means of strengthening public health—medical malpractice to be overly kind.

Recently my daughter came in contact with a co-worker who lives with an infected grandmother. It was a hassle to get a test (discouraged if not symptomatic), and it takes 7-10 days for results. Of what use is testing when the INCOMPETENT F***ING GOVERNMENT cannot tell you within one day what the results are? Afterall, in 7-10 days an infected person coudl have infected dozens or hundreds of people—consider this worker in a store serving beverages.

I have two 80-year-old parents and I don’t want them to die—but I’m not going to submit to the intellectual fraud of the “news” media, the incompetence, lies and ignorance of the allopathic medical establishment, nor the feckless physical tyranny of our idiot politicians.

Going out on a limb, I’ll claim that the impact of economic destruction will be at least 10X worse than COVID-19, in terms of lifespan years lost, and that excludes the massive psychological and financial toll and loss of hopes and dreams for small business owners in particular.

Even today, epidemiologists estimate that (worldwide) 14500 people per day are dying because of programs halted due to COVID-19—not from COVID-19 itself! The idiocy of hysterical government policies is literally killing far more people than COVID-19. We should be seeking maximum infection rates that keep the hospitals viable!

* The social programming networks. Only the rare person actually has an independent opinion, rather it is assigned to them via the social programming networks (“news”).


San Mateo County, CA: COVID-19 statistics as of July 27, 2020


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