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CCP Virus: Is COVID-19 killing people because of Vitamin D Deficiency? Is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin D off by a factor of 10X?

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Someone out there fact check me but AFAIK:

The single strongest single correlation for DEATH from CV19 is Vitamin D deficiency.

Is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin D off by a factor of 10X due to a bonehead statistical error? If so, the RDA has been faux science for a long time time, with major implications for harm and death.

RDA = minimum amount to avoid obvious problems (“subclinical deficiency”). Age, activity and other factors can greatly increase the amount necessary for good health. And not only is getting the minimum really bad advice, it is impossible to know how much one is getting by reading nutritional labels, which are generic and can be WAY off, nor can the body ever absorb the claimed amount—it might only get a small fraction.

It is incompetent and irresponsible risk management to not address a probable or unknown Vitamin D deficiency in the face of COVID-19. The government and the allopathic medicine establishment are complicit and guilty here, and ought to be held to account somehow. Of course, had the evil and feckless CCP not cursed the world with CV19, none of this would be quite so pressing.

NOTE: Vitamin D supplemention MUST be take with magnesium and Vitamin K2 for full benefits and to avoid unbalanced nutritional impacts from cholecalciferol alone. See Health and Vitality Start with getting Key Nutrients: Best Sources for Magnesium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.

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The Epoch Times: Why Are We So Vitamin D Deficient?

...A statistical error has reduced our daily required dose of the 'sunshine vitamin' to our own detriment.

The RDA is the intake considered necessary to meet the nutritional needs of 97.5 percent of the population. The measurement the IOM used in their calculations was the blood level of vitamin D derivative (25-hydroxy vitamin D) at 20 ng/ml to achieve the 97.5 percent criterion, however, due to a statistical error,  the 20 ng/ml value was actually the level to ensure almost the opposite

Investigators from the University of Alberta published a paper in the journal Nutrients in which they showed that the IOM had made this statistical error in defining the intake needed to reach and maintain a vitamin D level of 20 ng/ml. Had the IOM calculated it correctly, the RDA would have been ten times greater in agreement with Heaney and Garland.

Using the same studies on which the IOM had based its calculation, Veugelers & Ekwaru determined 8895 IU of vitamin D per day would be necessary to achieve 20 ng/ml in 97.5 percent of the population. Again, using the same set of IOM studies, Heaney’s group found that 7000 IU would bring 97.5 percent of people above 20 ng/ml.


...Conventional thinking among vitamin D scientists and physicians is that between 3,000 and 5,000 IU per day is appropriate for most healthy adults. While these amounts may seem like a lot, keep in mind that your body ‘uses’ 4000 IU per day and that the skin can generate 10,000 IU of vitamin D after 10 minutes of full-body summer sun exposure.


Quiz: Why do cold-blooded animals sun themselves? To get warm, right? Wrong. Lizards injected with vitamin D prior to being placed in the sun don’t sun themselves as long as lizards injected with a placebo. Furthermore, the effect is dose-dependent; the more vitamin D that’s injected into the lizard, the less time it spends in the sun. The lizard is responding to blood levels of vitamin D and regulating sun exposure based on those levels. The lizard is ‘smart’ enough to go into the sun to get its vitamin D. Do you go in the sun?

William F. Supple Jr., Ph.D., received his doctorate in neuroscience from Dartmouth College in 1986. He is one of the founders of StarPower LifeSciences, a research and educational foundation in South Burlington, Vt., that serves to inform regarding the power and benefits of vitamin D in health, disease, and longevity. Learn more about the health benefits of vitamin D at

WIND: I have not verified the claim above, but it makes sense: based on human biology: why would the human body make 10000 to 15000 IU of Vitamin D with only 15-20 minutes of sun exposure if it needed only 600 IU per day?

* For someone with fair skin, darker skin can require hours of exposure,

Are the allopathic medicine profession and the government in effect killing people by not making Vitamin D supplementation a public health priority on a national right-now scale? At least it is critically important to prove or disprove the correlation vs causation of Vitamin D and COVID-19 deaths. But it’s all probably about the rampant financial and ethical corruption problems in the industry—no drug company can make profits off Vitamin D, and public health officials have proven themselves to be know-nothings for a century when it comes to nutrition.

James T writes:

I have really appreciated your recent blog posts.

I spent my teen years in East Africa, on the Equator - sea level. Being of a rather pale complexion (Swiss, Germany, Irish descent) I burned easily and had to gradually tan up. This was in the 60's - no sunscreen existed.

I'm of the conclusion that we, humans, were designed to get our vitamins from natural sources - from sunlight - from multi-colored food(s) - et al. NOT from pills. NOT from dietary supplements.

I'm also of the opinion that the widespread use of sunscreen does more harm than good. Again, we were designed to be in the sun. Our melanin layer thickens giving us protection. It's not perfect but neither are we.

WIND: agreed, excepting exposure leading to reddening or burning more than infrequently.

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