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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19 aka CCP Virus: Hysterical Anti-Scientific Policies for COVID-19 Remain a Massively Destructive Economic Earthquake Which Will kill MILLIONS Worldwide

I posted this graph back in July; this page contains an updated graph and commentary.

The key changes are (1) massive economic destruction is even worse, and (2) very few people have died. It is now clear that lockdowns are proven ONLY to cause massive economic losses and have ZERO SCIENCE to show they save lives. And the deaths are almost entirely those with short lifespans and at high risk of dying from just about anything without the far higher baseline death rate being subtracted out. It is intensely anti-scientific and anti-reason to continue with lockdown policies in the face of the facts.


You won’t hear this on the “news”*.

San Mateo County, CA: COVID-19 statistics as of Sept 3, 2020

The whole state of California continues to engage in anti-scientific “leadership” by “experts”, that is self-aggrandizing cowards in the medical field along with feckless politicians. NONE of those making decisions are qualified to do any kind of total risk assessment.

The massive harm done to those who are out of work and hope sure make me think that these “leaders” are the worst kind of recklessly callous people: those who desire power over others and are willing to use it to crush the downtrodden, all while pulling in cushy salaries and benefits that keep rolling in. No skin in the game at all. When millions must suffer loss of their income and rights under the implicit point of a gun (government force), maybe calling these leaders sociopaths is not too strong a term. Enough is enough: I cannot read minds, but they are acting like sociopaths and it doesn’t matter one damn bit what their inner thoughts might be to those crushed by their policies.

The mass hysteria resulting in massive economic and social disruption will end up killing far 10X to 100X people than COVID-19, and killing younger people too—the loss of many more years of lifespan. It will kill people in the short, medium, and long terms for myriad reasons.

Is the CCP virus “just the flu”? That is a freshly legitimized debatable question since the real death rate for cases looks to be approaching 0.25% in spite of a non-vaccinated public. And the death rate for infections is surely much lower, perhaps 0.025% (infections and “cases” are entirely different things). In other words, bald-face lies are being told about the seriousness of COVID-19 (which doesn’t mean that individual cases are not horrific, some are, only that in an epidemiology sense we are just not seeing anything remotely approaching what it is hyped to be).

While we did not know that in February and March how things would play out, we do now. Now it is all about mass hysteria, crushingly destructive policies, outright tyranny and... the right policy is infecting as many low-risk people as quickly as possible—not crushing lives and income for years on end based on anti-science hysteria and a failure to even attempt credible risk assessment, for which few to no doctors have any qualifications whatsoever.

Discussion follows.


San Mateo County, CA: COVID-19 statistics as of September 3, 2020

All graphs and data mislead for various reasons, but here are some key points:

  • As shown, the deaths from COVID-19 are through September 3 , but it’s not over yet and there will be more deaths. Still, the deaths versus the population of 771000 people amount to 0.0175%, or 1 in 5711 people. Compare that to all-cause mortality ( the premature death rate is about 112 people per month for the county population). Yet in 7 months COVID-19 has killed only 135 people in San Mateo County. So we lock down 3/4 million people?
  • The case fatality rate should not be confused with the infection fatality rate: “cases” are NOT infections! Terminology matters in risk analysis and in forming public sentiment. The “leaders” are engaging in propoganda by using the case fatality rate, which is very low. But the infection fatality rate is far lower!
  • And 95% of those deaths are those 70 years or older, whose expected lifespan ranges from short to very short. Most of those had serious underlying comorbidities such that their true expected lifespan might be as low as 7 years on average. How much of the high-risk population was actually infected... no one knows.
  • The statistics are grossly misleading without subtracting the baseline death rate for the victims—is that 10% or 50% or what? It’s not zero, and given that the most victims had comorbidities, a significant portion of the alleged CV19 deaths would have occurred from some other cause. In other words, it might be that 40 of those 135 people would have died one way or another without CV19. Unless this baseline is subtracted out, the statistics are little better than government propaganda.
  • The alleged cases are bullshit GIGO—the number of infections is surely far higher. Anyone lacking overt symptoms is discouraged from getting tested, and we have no random sampling program in place. Worse, the tests themselves have very high error rates—15% or even 30% false negative rates. Worse, it can take two weeks to even get a test result (that’s what it took for my daughter!), so what the hell is the point of testing at all?

So many statistical questions remain untold by authorities and for those that exist, the data is GIGO junk data.

Doctors, most of you have little useful knowledge outside your narrow specialty and most of you are far less qualified than I am on statistics and data analysis. And when I thought I was infected it was clear that I was far more knowedgeable than my internist doctor. Worse and this is an ongoing debacle for decades now—doctors are for the most part useless for prevention—idiot savants that never address nutritional deficiencies as a means of strengthening public health—medical malpractice to be overly kind—consider the strong correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 deaths and it’s clear the entire medical establishment is asleep at the wheel and grossly derelict in their duties: coordinated public prevention strategies in terms of immune system health are non-existent.

Of what use is testing when they cannot tell you within one day what the results are? Afterall, in 7-10 days an infected person in the wrong place could infect dozens or hundreds of people.

I have two 80-year-old parents and I don’t want them to die—but I’m not going to submit to the intellectual fraud of the “news” media, the incompetence, lies and ignorance of the allopathic medical establishment, nor the feckless physical tyranny of our idiot politicians.

Going out on a nice sturdy limb, I’ll claim that the impact of economic and social damage will be at least 10X worse than COVID-19, in terms of lifespan years lost, and that excludes the massive psychological and financial toll and loss of hopes and dreams for small business owners in particular, or anyone who has been forced out of work.

Even today, epidemiologists estimate that (worldwide) 14500 people per day are dying because of programs halted due to COVID-19—not from COVID-19 itself! The idiocy of hysterical government policies is literally killing far more people than COVID-19. See for example Developed World’s Lockdowns May Be Catastrophic for Third World Poor, or see comments by Stanford epidemiologist John Ionnadis (now targeted for destruction for questioning COVID dogma).

We should be seeking maximum infection rates that keep the hospitals viable!

Death by Policy

[And this doesn’t even account for the death toll on the world’s most vulnerable people]

Otherwise, today’s young physicians will have to start entering a new cause of death on death certificates—“public policy.”

* The social programming networks. Only the rare person actually has an independent opinion, rather it is assigned to them via the social programming networks (“news”).

Donna K writes:

I went down the rabbit hole by reading up on your COVID-19 posts. First I generally agree with you regarding hysteria - not just regarding COVID, but generally. I am an equal-opportunity politician and media hater, regardless of stated political disposition. Since I currently live in the Florida Keys and need to be aware of hurricanes, I’ll throw in most weather people as equally hysteria-dependent (the only weather guy I follow is Levi Cowan on Tropical Tidbits).

Being a past scientist, having done research in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Davis and Los Alamos National Lab, and being a trained hazard and risk analysis professional at LANL, and trained in contamination control and response to bio- and rad-attacks, I generally ask myself, “What the f*ck are these people smoking?”

WIND: see continued reader comment on the UV radiation / sunlight exposure issue vis-a-vis Vitamin D.

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