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COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: the Bigger the LIE, the More It is Believed—the Dishonesty and FAKE STATISTICS of the Death Toll Figures

This post quotes Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media about the use of masks for COVID-19.

See also CCP Virus.

Every day, I hear “200000 people dead from COVID-19” in the USA. This is total nonsense, and it is now being used as a political bludgeon and to instill fear in the public—massively unethical by both the medical profession and the media and politicians.

The bigger the lie, the more it is believed. A time-tested truth, abused by history’s most notorious mass killers. With the money-making model of the social programming networks (formerly known as “news”), it is all about inciting fear in all its forms, the media will never report real data or figures—the ugly truth is that more death is GOOD for the media making money. And politicians are all too happy to oblige for their own ends, some to their own disadvantage.

The truth is that:

  • No one knows the death rate relative to the infection rate (quite different from the case rate), but many experts now believe it is on the order of 0.1% to 0.25%. The true death rate cannot be known, because the infection rate is not and cannot be known. It is almost certainly towards the 0.1% level (or less) because of large numbers of undetected asymptomatic cases.
  • The death statistics are self selecting, which makes them GIGO: scientists believe that a good proportion of the population already has some degree of immunity from COVID-19. Thus any projected death toll incorrectly extrapolates across a population for which a large portion might not be susceptible. So the media and the medical establishment carry on their propaganda of fear.
  • The death rate is minuscule for the young (40 and younger), but the massive economic carpet-bombing of America will likely kill 10X to 100X of the young as CV19 ever will.
  • As of late September, infections are RISING but deaths are PLUMMETING. See CDC data.
  • Deaths from all causes are 9.7X greater than COVID-19. Where is the concern about a 10X greater problem?!!!
  • Deaths involving pneumonia vs COVID-19 alone are obfuscated by CDC data and the CDC cannot even testify to the accuracy, e.g., “presumed COVID-19”. In other words: guessing.
  • The vast majority of deaths are in the very old with multiple comorbidities. Yet even if someone dies of a heart attack or stroke or cancer, if that person has COVID-19, then hospitals get more money and it is counted as COVID-19 death. Heck, if some dies in a car crash it can be counted as a CV19 death, according to CDC guidelines.
  • Nearly all COVID-19 deaths are alleged deaths: financial incentives to report death as CV19, bad tests, subjective judgment calls, concurrent infections and other conditions.
  • Baseline death rates are not subtracted out from COVID-19 deaths—statistical incompetence. A significant number of those deaths would have happened from other causes over the same time frame, without COVID-19.

It’s ridiculous to quote such a statistically dubious figure. Yet the media and politicians repeat it as a mantra because it serves their goals. But it hurts the public by instilling fear and anxiety, and crushing lives by (just for starters) forcing people out of work. See just how absurd the death rate is in the pie chart.

Worse, comparing countries' death rates is for children and idiots: countries have vastly different ways of counting the deaths, not to mention very different populations*. If you hear the media talking about such things, you are listening to idiots.

* Consider as just one factor the percentage of population of Black people. Sadly, a much higher mortality rate but that’s the reality. And it might be due to low Vitamin D, with the feckless medical establishment has done nothing about.

See also:

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