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Fatigue and Low Energy? Chronic Fatigue? Long-Haul COVID? Mitochondria Energy Production Might be the Core Issue — Boost Mitochondrial Function with CoQ10, Acetyl L-Carnite, Magnesium

Most of the population is already deficient or highly deficient in key things, like magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, etc. See Health and Vitality Start with getting Key Nutrients: Best Sources for Magnesium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.

Riding double centuries at highly competitive pacing for 10-15 hours, I can fairly say that my mitochondrial energy production is (or was) truly exceptional. Yet my April 2020 infection has devastated my energy even here six months later in October.

Whatever that infection was (seemingly COVID-19), it apparently flipped genetic/epigenetic switches to let Epstein Barr Virus wreak havoc, which in turn might be responsible for developing the auto-immune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I learned today that many fit people (nil incidence of diabetes or obesity) have lingering effects from COVID. Go figure.

My working hypothesis is that mitochondrial energy production is the core issue.

Accordingly, I have been using supplements that are critical to mitochondrial energy production. Magnesium is key of course, but so too ar CoEnzyme Q10 and Acetyl L-Carnitine, both heavily involved in energy production (directly or as precursors to key molecules). CoQ 10 is particularly important for the heart.

Here then are several high-quality brands to try. I don’t have a strong answer on which is best but I know other stuff which is definitely inferior.

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Co-Enzyme Q10

Skip ubiquinone—poor bioavailability and neither my daughter nor I could see any benefits. You’ll have to pay up for high quality Ubiqnonol @AMAZON. Look for brands that avoid soy and other unwanted ingredients.

Here are four good choices:

Life Extension COQ10 Super Ubiquinol @AMAZON

Nordic Naturals - Nordic CoQ10 Ubiquinol @AMAZON

Healthwise Naturals Ultimate CoQ10 UBIQUINOL @AMAZON

Doctor's Best Ubiquinol with Kaneka QH @AMAZON

Acetyl L-Carnitine

I have little experience here, but there appear to be several good brands of Acetyl L-Carnitine @AMAZON:

NOW Supplements, Acetyl-L Carnitine @AMAZON


D-Ribose @AMAZON is involved in creating important precursors.

Solgar D-Ribose Powder @AMAZON

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