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Long-Haul COVID aka Chronic Viral Sequelae— the Single Thing that Works Best for (slow) Recovery

See long-haul COVID-19.

This note for anyone suffering from long-haul COVID-19, which is a confusing term, because COVID-19 as a viral infection is long gone. A better term would be something like chronic COVID-induced fatigue (CCIF), or, since it is my view that viruses in general can induce chronic fatigues, chronic viral sequelae (CVS).

It’s more than just fatigue, for example, 5 months of gastrointestinal issues including very loose stools and reactions to foods for no apparent reason. Along with various other issues, which can very by person.

It is my hypothesis that CVS is actually a vagus nerve nerve issue, possibly involving the brain stem and brain itself. This would explain all sorts of strange apparently unrelated symptoms. This hypothesis is not about saying that other body areas are without additional issues, but that numerous physiological systems throughout the body cannot restore themselves to homeostasis because the “boss” (vagus nerve and brain) are all out of kilter.

Key factor — sleep half the day, keep regular hours.

What I am finding is that best days come when I stick to a 12-hour sleep regimen. That’s frustrating as hell to sleep that long (leaves a pretty short day), but it always seems to help.

  • Go to bed at 8 PM, using melatonin if need be (often, nothing is needed). The hours could vary but I'd suggest syncing it to the solar cycle as well as can be done. Block ALL light and ALL sound to the extent feasible.
  • I find that I almost always awake about 5 hours later eg at 1 AM. To return to sleep is sometimes possible, so I give it half an hour. If that does not work, I have lain awake until 4 AM. I gave up on that an force myself to sleep with a sleep aid, but I caution anyone to use a minimal dos.
  • Wake up around 8 AM, but if still feeling like needing rest, let 'er run till 10 AM or whatever. After a particularly nasty “wipe out” one day, I slept from 5 PM to 9 AM (16 hours), nearly unbroken.

Such is the life of a CVS patient.

Nutritional support

Nutrition IMO will NOT cure the issue, but is ESSENTIAL for provding the physiological basis for recovery. A complex ecosystem like the body cannot repair itself and fight off infections.

  • Eliminate all added sugar (fruit is OK).
  • Eliminate grains, or at least wheat. Do NOT eat wheat!!!!
  • No alchohol, no smoking.
  • Eliminate factory-farmed meats (e.g., grass-fed meat, eggs, yogurt).

Further reading:

Believe it or not, the vast majority of doctors do not have a clue for improving health—only symptom suppression or mechannical fixes that may do more harm than good. Nearly all doctors see the body as a single-variable test tube, and have had nil training in nutrition. Doctors actively damage people by failing to understand even basis physiological requirements., harming (literally) the bulk of the world’s population in deadly ways.

Even neurologists are generally clueless about the mind-body NON-dichotomy, most having long ago made cognitive commitments involving the archaic and thoroughly disproven idea of the brain being non-plastic, the body and brain and gut being just parts having no particularly ineresting relationship, rather than a complex interconnected and indivisible ecosystem in whichi everything matters to everything else.

General Symptoms (some come and go, some have evolved away as new ones arise)

I am not alone—sharing these things with an MD acquaintance also suffering from it, we share many of the same issues. Like me, his EBV was a post-COVID nuke to his system.

I have had six months of many symptoms:

  • Exercise intolerance — initial recovery was OK, but each time I went to normal baseline, I get whacked really hard for days or a week. I am weaker now than 5 months ago. A one-mile walk is sometimes too much, two miles is a strain unless it’s a strong day—and I pay dearly for it (for days) if I misgauge.
  • Highly disrupted sleep — needing to sleep, unable to sleep. Sometimes a need for two naps per day up to two hours each.
  • Extreme fatigue — needing to sleep 14 hours a day or more.
  • Entire body aches (especially the back, very bad recently), joint aches (mostly resolved).
  • Motivation — wanting to just sit and do nothing
  • Attentional issues — concentration.
  • Unexplained shortness of breath (no environmental causes). Fortunately, magnesium deals with it longer and better than any prescription inhaler.
  • Gastrointestinal issues — diarrhea and loose stools for months, then resolving but being intolerant of some foods.
  • Total loss of appetite, apathy towards any food for up to 30 hours (twice recently).
  • Evolving symptoms that keep me guessing.
  • Cyclical effects that keep me guessing.
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