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Intravenous Vitamin C: “COVID patient with sepsis makes 'remarkable' recovery following megadose of vitamin C”

Five months ago back in June, I posited that Vitamin C might be able to cure COVID. But what MD will listen to an untrained person like me who can’t possibly know anything about it, let alone try something for which social pressures make unacceptable as “unproven”. Which it is not—ignorance of history and science is the problem.

Vitamin C: a cure for lethal viral infections including Poliomyelitis, and could it cure COVID-19? The Groundbreaking Work of Doctor F.R. Klenner and How It was Ignored

Your Doctor is NOT Responsible for Your Health—YOU Are! Recommended Reading to Open Your Mind and Ask the Right Questions, Because Your Life Depends On It

COVID patient with sepsis makes 'remarkable' recovery following megadose of vitamin C

Oct 26, 2020

A young Australian man who was critically ill with COVID-19 and suffering early stages of sepsismade a remarkable recovery after being given massive doses of vitamin C, according to his doctors.

...Professor Bellomo knew researchers at the Florey Institute had some promising experimental findings using megadose vitamin C to treat sepsis.

The man was given an initial dose of 30 grams of sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) over 30 minutes, then a maintenance dose of 30 grams over six and a half hours.

...The Florey Institute's Professor Clive May had collaborated with Professor Bellomo for many years, keeping him up to date with the promising results they were seeing in the lab with the sepsis treatment.

"He didn't believe us. He said 'this can't be true'," Professor May said.

Colleague Dr Yugeesh Lankadeva sent the intensive care doctor videos of what was happening in the lab.

"Professor Bellomo literally rocked up at the laboratory door the next day … because he was just like, 'I need to see this for my own eyes'," he said.

"When he came and when they saw it, they were all very amazed at how quickly the disease just reversed by doing this treatment."

..."If the treatment works as well in patients as it does in our animal studies, I think it's going to totally revolutionise the treatment of septic patients in intensive care units all over the world," Professor May said.


The feckless ignorance of the modern medical establishment (as a whole) is on display here: 30,000 IU of Vitamin C is not a “massive dose”, as the work of F.R Klenner in curing polio and other viral diseases proved long ago. Dr Klenner used doses of that magnitude (and less, and more), along with specific protocols the medical establishment has chosen to IGNORE for 80 years. And he occassionally used dose 15X higher than that in severe cases.

The doctors in this article were shocked because of BLINDERS-ON TRAINING: they are trained to implement standardized medical procedures that overwhelmingly favor Big Pharma drugs as the the one hammer for almost all nails; if it ain’t in the medical textbooks, it doesn’t exist and can’t work.

What the modern medical establishment has done is to turn a blind eye to good science for 80 years. in this case. But it is not just Vitamin C—there exists a fearsome legacy of intellectual corruption has damaged so many for so long, e.g., the continuing low-fat diet mania and statins come to mind as some of the worst hoaxes ever foisted on the public.

I’m so glad that finally there is some new attention coming to something that no Big Pharma company will profit from. Which might mean it just goes away again for another 80 years.


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