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Current COVID-19 policies are a grotesque perversion of reason and human rights

Politicians thrive on repressing freedom and maximizing their own importance—that’s their business model.

The media thrives on scaring people—that's their business model. COVID-19 is the perfect money-maker for the media and the gullible who still believe the "news" even exists.

Growing hysteria about the “California COVID pandemic”. Just how dangerous is it?

San Mateo County, CA

Death from COVID ≠ death with COVID, a fact that is conveniently ignored to scare people and so all “with” deaths are counted as “from” deaths—malpractice at best, with an unhealthy dose of propaganda by failing to distinguish the two.

I live in San Mateo County, California, just north of Silicon Valley; it includes San Francisco.

The  death rate in San Mateo county (pop ~750000)  associated with COVID is now up to 176 TOTAL deaths, or about 0.1% of the population*.  The year is not done, so a really bad scenario would be 0.12% by year-end (20% more than the entire year so far).

Let’s take that in context:

Our leaders are intent on utter economic and social destruction based on anti-science in order to lamely try to deal with what the statistics show is in context, far from a dire situation. Many other things kill many more (and younger) people, as the statistics above prove. Click those links, and look it up yourself.

A fact always ignored except by a few brave professionals who dare speak out: deaths from COVID-19 policies will greatly exceed COVID deaths. And in a perverse inversion of morality, deaths from COVID policies (far exceeding COVID deaths) will hit hit far younger people with most of their lives ahead of them.

Just for starters, experts estimate that 121 million people (estimates vary) will be pushed to the brink of starvation by COVID-19 policies. And that’s just one of hundreds of downstream side-effects of well-meaning policies! Many more will die from delayed health care, delayed diagnosis of deadly problems, lack of vaccination, child abuse, and so on. These will be actuarial facts over the next few years and some already are (a huge surge in child abuse). Add in the massive psychological damage and ruined lives (especially to young people, small towns, small business owners, etc ), the huge impact on the least privileged (education for starters), lost homes, etc and government has done what it does best: fuck up the whole fucking world.

There exists substantial justification to say that COVID-19 policies are intensely systemically racist, since the least well off are suffering the most. Add in the pure malice of the House leadership to provide no help to those who need it most, purely for political reasons.

Current COVID policy is a grotesque perversion of reason and human rights.

Hopefully COVID vaccines will put an end to this government-grown nightmare, but for tens of millions of people in this country, the damage will last a lifetime while the feckless parasites in government have not seen a single dollar less in pay and benefits.

* For the most part,the majority of those who die from COVID have extremely short expected lifespans.

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