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COVID-19: Current Government Policies a Form of Mass Torture?

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it — Lloyd Chambers. That applies to climate science, COVID-19, and Einstein’s theory of relativity.

See also: Is the PCR test used by Germany and the USA a Medical Fraud?

That government policies around COVID-19/20/21 are causing massive harm in numerous forms is indisputable.

Current government policies around COVID-19 are the worst (mass) abuse of human rights in the history of this country (slavery and its after-effects aside).

Are government policies mass torture? Psychological research suggests so.

Maybe a pyschiatrist out there can disabuse me of this layman’s conclusion based on rational argument, citing the literature and an objective analysis of the tens of millions of suffering people in this country, especially those now facing eviction from their homes, and elderly people living alone, teenagers and similar, just for starters. Or those who have lost their businesses forever, life savings and are de-facto prisoners in their own homes, if they still have one.

Doctors and the medical establishment are complicit in these policies, indeed driving them and lending aid and comfort and political cover to government tyrants imposing the policies which have no effect on themselves, but inflict massive harm on many.

Ethically corrupt medical establishment?

Do any of the policy decisions involve experts professionals in psychiatry, economics, or risk assessment? Because out in the Real World, those disciplines actually matter a LOT more than the gross ignorance of the allopathic medical establishment of things outside very narrow areas of its own field.

Some ethical doctors have attempted to jump-start a public policy discussion, and been rewarded by being vilified, a grotesque moral inversion if there ever was one.

Doctors swear to the the Hippocratic Oathfirst do no harm” (Primum non nocere). Which has de facto become the hipocritic oath. While AFAIK violating this oath has no legal implications, how are those haven taken the Hippocratic Oath yet supporting government policies not in direct conflict with their sworn ethical duty?

Maybe some MD reader can explain to me how swearing such an oath is compatible with doing massive harm all over the world? Starting with forcing an estimated 120 million people into starvation and setting all the other harms aside.

Lockdowns might not be solitary confinement for those of us living with other people. But a lot of people do live alone. And just because someone is locked-down with another person or three is not an answer either. OTOH, people can go out and buy food and go to restaurants and the theatre or mingle at parks, and the lonely elderly can have visitors, etc....

Why Solitary Confinement Is The Worst Kind Of Psychological Torture

Human beings are social creatures. Without the benefit of another person to "bounce off of," the mind decays; without anything to do, the brain atrophies; and without the ability to see off in the distance, vision fades. Isolation and loss of control breeds anger, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Indeed, psychologist Terry Kupers says that solitary confinement "destroys people as human beings." A quick glance at literature review studies done by Sharon Shalev (2008) and Peter Scharff Smith (2006) affirms this assertion; here are some typical symptoms:

  • Anxiety: Persistent low level of stress, irritability or anxiousness, fear of impending death, panic attacks
  • Depression: Emotional flatness/blunting and the loss of ability to have any "feelings", mood swings, hopelessness, social withdrawal, loss of initiation of activity or ideas, apathy, lethargy, major depression
  • Anger: Irritability and hostility, poor impulse control, outbursts of physical and verbal violence against others, self, and objects, unprovoked angers, sometimes manifested as rage
  • Cognitive disturbances: Short attention span, poor concentration and memory, confused thought processes, disorientation
  • Perceptual distortions: Hypersensitivity to noises and smells, distortions of sensation (e.g. walls closing in), disorientation in time and space, depersonalization/derealization, hallucinations affecting all five senses (e.g. hallucinations of objects or people appearing in the cell, or hearing voices when no one is speaking
  • Paranoia and psychosis: Recurrent and persistent thoughts, often of a violent and vengeful character (e.g. directed against prison staff), paranoid ideas (often persecutory), psychotic episodes or states, psychotic depression, schizophrenia
  • Self-harm: self-mutilation and cutting, suicide attempts

And as Alexis Agathocleous from the Center for Constitutional Rights has aptly noted:

“We know that keeping someone in solitary confinement puts them at very serious risk of descending into irreversible mental illness. That's not tolerable in a society that values the dignity and humanity of all people, no matter whether they are incarcerated or not.”


WIND: whatever relevance or veracity you think the above has regarding incarcerated inmates, it might make you wonder whether these very real issues are impacting tens of millions of people to at least some degree.

What conclusions do you draw about government polices and the doctors that support those policies blindly, ignoring the pyschological and economic impacts entirely?

Imagine yourself jobless and broke, forced out of your home and alone. Imagine yourself at 85 in a care facility where no one is allowed to visit. Imagine yourself at 85 living alone at home and scared to death to go outside or meet anyone. And so on.

Reader Comments

Gerhard H writes:

I have been following your news on SARS-CoV-2 since the beginning and I was also a subscriber of Diglloyd some years ago.

I am from Germany, the country where the original Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test has been developed by Prof. Christian Drosten at Charité university hospital in Berlin.

This test, which claims to diagnose a SARS-CoV-2 infection, has been adopted by the WHO worldwide as "gold standard" and is the root cause of the rapidly rising numbers of alleged infections.

This test however, which has been rushed in and then never updated or seriously reviewed, is bogus for a number of reasons that have been documented in the following paper:

The most important facts are summarised by a co-author of the review, Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice president and chief scientist at Pfizer corp.:

The bottom line is that the Drosten PCR test generates about 95% false positive results due to a massive amplification of the RNA sample by a factor of 2^45 (~32 trillion) which is far from good practice and does not provide evidence for an actual infection. Besides the devastating consequences of shutdowns and destroyed businesses and livelihoods, this also means that the actual, serious infections are hidden under a thick cloud of false positives, making it extremely difficult for health authorities to track down actual infections and preventing optimized and focused measures to help the patients.

Due to the devastation caused by Prof. Drosten's PCR test, a German Lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is also licensed for the State of California, has announced to start a class action against Prof. Drosten and all manufactures of PCR test kits that are derived from the original "Drosten" design.

Note that test kits used in Asian countries differ significantly and are far more accurate. This is why actual Covid-19 cases have become rare e.g. in China and - if they appear - are taken very seriously.

His video statement "Crimes against humanity" can be found here (plus subtitles in Spanish):

Anyone whose business has been ruined by Prof. Drosten's PCR test and the resultant totalitarian destructive government action should join this class action.

His main partner in the USA is Robert Kennedy Jr with his organisation Children's Health Defense:

Unfortunately, German law does not allow class actions. However, the threat of a class action against PCR test manufacturers should be large enough to also have repercussions into PCR test abuse in Germany. Until then, every affected German must file a lawsuit on his own.

Note that I am in no way affiliated with Dr. Fuellmich. I am working in the civil aerospace industry which is - as you can imagine - very seriously affected. Dr. Fuellmich leads a private enquiry commission

on the government actions regarding Covid-19. This commission has interviewed a large number of experts and affected persons. The class action is largely based on the findings of this commission.

Please find an example in the attachment. This is a warning letter by Dr. Fuellmich to Prof. Drosten which contains all the necessary facts collected by the private enquiry commission.

The plaintiff is a karaoke bar owner in Berlin who has been forced to keep his bar closed since the beginning of the pandemic. Dr. Fuellmich allows the usage of this letter as a template for legal action against Prof. Drosten and manufacturers of PCR test kits.

As Dr. Fuellmich is licensed as a lawyer for California, you might also consider contacting him in case your business has been damaged by shutdowns forced by the government. Even if not, it is worthwhile that you spread the word on your web page or to your friends and business partners.

Yours sincerely

Gerhard H
Berlin, the epicenter of madness, Germany

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