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COVID-19: Is the PCR test used by Germany and the USA a Medical Fraud?

re: COVID-19: Current Government Policies a Form of Mass Torture?
re: CDC: “Mental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic”
re: ethics in medicine

Gerhard H writes:

I have been following your news on SARS-CoV-2 since the beginning and I was also a subscriber of Diglloyd some years ago.

I am from Germany, the country where the original Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test has been developed by Prof. Christian Drosten at Charité university hospital in Berlin.

This test, which claims to diagnose a SARS-CoV-2 infection, has been adopted by the WHO worldwide as "gold standard" and is the root cause of the rapidly rising numbers of alleged infections.

This test however, which has been rushed in and then never updated or seriously reviewed, is bogus for a number of reasons that have been documented in the following paper:

The most important facts are summarised by a co-author of the review, Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice president and chief scientist at Pfizer corp.:

The bottom line is that the Drosten PCR test generates about 95% false positive results due to a massive amplification of the RNA sample by a factor of 2^45 (~32 trillion) which is far from good practice and does not provide evidence for an actual infection. Besides the devastating consequences of shutdowns and destroyed businesses and livelihoods, this also means that the actual, serious infections are hidden under a thick cloud of false positives, making it extremely difficult for health authorities to track down actual infections and preventing optimized and focused measures to help the patients.

Due to the devastation caused by Prof. Drosten's PCR test, a German Lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is also licensed for the State of California, has announced to start a class action against Prof. Drosten and all manufactures of PCR test kits that are derived from the original "Drosten" design.

Note that test kits used in Asian countries differ significantly and are far more accurate. This is why actual Covid-19 cases have become rare e.g. in China and - if they appear - are taken very seriously.

His video statement "Crimes against humanity" can be found here (plus subtitles in Spanish):

Anyone whose business has been ruined by Prof. Drosten's PCR test and the resultant totalitarian destructive government action should join this class action.

His main partner in the USA is Robert Kennedy Jr with his organisation Children's Health Defense:

Unfortunately, German law does not allow class actions. However, the threat of a class action against PCR test manufacturers should be large enough to also have repercussions into PCR test abuse in Germany. Until then, every affected German must file a lawsuit on his own.

Note that I am in no way affiliated with Dr. Fuellmich. I am working in the civil aerospace industry which is - as you can imagine - very seriously affected. Dr. Fuellmich leads a private enquiry commission

on the government actions regarding Covid-19. This commission has interviewed a large number of experts and affected persons. The class action is largely based on the findings of this commission.

Please find an example in the attachment. This is a warning letter by Dr. Fuellmich to Prof. Drosten which contains all the necessary facts collected by the private enquiry commission.

The plaintiff is a karaoke bar owner in Berlin who has been forced to keep his bar closed since the beginning of the pandemic. Dr. Fuellmich allows the usage of this letter as a template for legal action against Prof. Drosten and manufacturers of PCR test kits.

As Dr. Fuellmich is licensed as a lawyer for California, you might also consider contacting him in case your business has been damaged by shutdowns forced by the government. Even if not, it is worthwhile that you spread the word on your web page or to your friends and business partners.

Yours sincerely

Gerhard H
Berlin, the epicenter of madness, Germany

WIND: such issues should be directly addressed by the scientific community. That I cannot find any validation of the PCR tests vs false positives (including at the CDC) is prima facie evidence that the test is at the least, suspicious in its validity.

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