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COVID-19: Massive Vaccine Profits for Pfizer and Moderna

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it
— Lloyd Chambers

Pfizer and Moderna could score $32 billion in Covid-19 vaccine sales -- in 2021 alone

Wall Street analysts are projecting Pfizer and Moderna will generate $32 billion in Covid-19 vaccine revenue -- next year alone.

Profit gets things done and no other system can do that. But profiting with no liability off a global pandemic is not a free market, it’s a government program. Who is paying the bill to make such huge wealth transfer to shareholders possible? Millions of us who had no role in creating the problem and millions who lost so much—milch cows for Big Pharma.

Does that mean you should avoid the vaccine? Certainly not. It is probably the right choice for 95% of the population. Yet no doctor is qualified to assess the risk for a specific individual (very little to go on), let alone do so for thousands of patients.

You’re gonna get that shot because there just isn’t any way to decide.

Ideally, everyone would do their own risk assesment as to benefits vs the awful downsides of COVID-19 for some. Which is totally unrealistic for most, and awfully hard in a world of propaganda and suppression of viewpoints and cancel culture. For example, a $250 million campaign courtesy of USA Deparment Health and Human Services to persuade you that only assholes and idiots don’t get the vaccine, that no rational person could refuse it.

To be ostracized if you don’t get the shot

Anyone with risk asssesment concerns for their own personal health who avoids the vaccine might soon be a 2nd-class citizen, e.g. vaccine passports that render you unable to enjoy a normal life unless vaccinated.

Smells like the rotten flesh of tyranny to me.

Rule of Life: big upside and minimal downsaide always results in cheating!

Textbook case: profits as far as the eye can see, and reputations to be made as heroes in saving the public. A public traumatized by engineered fear which can now be turned into relief and gratitude. With a shielding from liability for the vaccine manufacturers, and any doctor speaking out to be ostracized and perhaps stripped of medical license. What’s not to like?

Credible statements about the vaccines?

Remember the experts who told us that COVID was not transmittable from person to person, and that masks should not be worn by the public? These are the same folks assuring us that the vaccine is safe and effective. Are they getting it right this time? Probably— for most people. Or it might be fudging at least a little.

VAERS: Fewer than 1% of Vaccine Adverse Events Are Reported...

The history of medicine is swiss-cheesed with fools and liars (“experts” with agendas) making safety claims later shown to be grievously wrong. Hopefully they are all right this time about the vaccines.

But when reporting is optional, what do we really know, especially for long-term effects? No one knows yet. No one can know yet. No one is likely to know because no one (in charge) really wants to know. You vaccinate 10,000 people at a ballpark and they go home. What about 1/4/52 weeks later?

When you mess with the nervous system (e.g., facial paralysis claimed to be temporary as well as anaphylactic shock and similar), the idea that the body just goes back to its previous baseline with no ill effects—that has no credible basis in science.

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