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COVID 19 is Mutating, Becoming More Transmissible and Possibly More Deadly

Maybe the schmucks in charge should have let people work, protected those at risk, and let the more benign variants run their course over the summer months, instead of letting it hit much less healthy people jammed together inside in the winter? My post from way back in April: Kicking the Can Down the Road?.

And maybe we had better figure out if Ivermectin works as the #1 national priority. Ditto for intravenous Vitamin C.

The authorities do not want to panic people, and so much of what you hear about the mutated forms of COVID might tend to minimize concerns. Which makes explicit admission of concern all the more disturbing:

The Epoch Times: Updates on CCP Virus: NIH Director Warns South African Variant More Concerning Than UK

The United States is closely watching the more infectious UK variant of COVID-19 after British officials warned that it may also be more deadly, U.S. National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins said on Saturday.

But U.S. health officials are somewhat more worried about a separate variant from South Africa, although that one has not yet been identified among U.S. cases of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, a disease that causes COVID-19.

Two more more-infectious mutated virus strains are predicted to be dominant by March. And with the rising infection rates, more mutations are likely. Maybe one of them will kill half of humanity? It’s not impossible.

On the loserthink front, President Biden says that “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,,...”. That’s defeatism bordering on nihilism. I can think of, just for starters, making sure that everyone has free Vitamin D and Zinc and Vitamin C and getting people outside for sunlight, fixing magnesium deficiency, etc. Nothing can be done? At the least, a positive attitude is possible. And that’s not nothing.

And whether Ivermectin can save people should be a national priority, along with whether intravenous Vitamin C can defeat COVID infections and whether magnesium can help the pulmonary issues (it did for me, repeatedly). But don’t expect the ossified modern medical establishment to get a clue about any of this except for a few brave souls.

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