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COVID-19: Might the USA Be Entering the Early Stages of Herd Immunity?

re: Do Restrictive Lockdowns Actually Work? Or might they actually kill more people than they claim to save?
re: Masking lack of evidence with politics

No, not from the vaccines—far too few people have gotten it.

The United States is now seeing declines in COVID cases just about everywhere. Here in California, that is implicit in Governor Newsom lifting the lockdowns right in the middle of the winter, just when the perennially-wrong “experts” predicted a massive surge of infections.

As a bonus, influenza has largely disappeared, the flu and some other respiratory diseases seemingly shunted aside by COVID.

Why isn’t this good news at the top of the news?

The economic carpet-bombing of lockdowns has done this country and others enormous damage. None of the government measures can be shown scientifically to have been of any meaningful effect. It’s all about politics and fear-mongering rather than objective scientific inquiry.

Beginnings of herd immunity?

A valid hypothesis is that the USA might now be acquiring significant herd immunity on top of prior immunity. How else to explain dropping infections and hospitalizations, when masks have never worked and lockdowns have failed miserably for the past year?

There could be some other explanation, and it’s easy enough to falsify that hypothesis by the scientific method. But here in the USA, we seem to be incompetent at basic science, which in Sweden shows compelling evidence that here immunity is quite far along. Instead, we prefer to do things now seen to have been totally useless or nearly so (masks and lockdowns).

The next month or two should be able to validate the herd immunity hypothesis. But will the good news be suppressed for months to come instead of being celebrated? So far, the practice of stomping on all competing views along with character assassination has intimidated all but a brave few. And what public health officials have their act together enough to engage in real science?

You do not find what you are not looking for. And you don’t find your car keys under the street light because the light is best there. Both of those are not far off from modern “science” on COVID.

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