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COVID-19: Time to Cancel the CDC for it’s “masks have about 1% effectiveness” Analysis?

As readers know, I was an early support of masks, meaning N95 and N100 masks propertly fitted and worn. BUT, the reality “on the ground” is leaky and often filthy masks improperly fitted and often worn below the nose. WTF.

Indeed, it might be that masks made things worse, by encouraging risk taking. No one can prove that supposition wrong, and it might well be correct.

For many months now, my position has been that 90% of the time, masks have only one ugly purpose in most circumstances: virtue signaling and its corollary, social conformity. The other 10% of the time/place, I stick with the risk assessment position that masking is worthwhile.

I see people every day riding their bikes with no human within 100 yards, fully masked. These are probably the people to rat on you when a totalitarian state gains full control, unable to think for themelves, but with a intense need to conform and comply, no matter how idiotic—second handers.

Association of State-Issued Mask Mandates and Allowing On-Premises Restaurant Dining with County-Level COVID-19 Case and Death Growth Rates — United States, March 1–December 31, 2020

Ummm... mask mandates were associated with an average 1.32% decrease in the growth rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths during the first 100 days after the mask policy was implemented.

...mask mandates and prohibition of on-premises restaurant dining, have the potential to slow the spread of COVID-19, especially if implemented with other public health strategies

Show me the data. Show me the science. Well, it looks like junk data and junk science and tyranical mandates to any rational thinking person, based on this report. Which was obvious six months ago or anyone not caught up in the hysteria.

  1. If this study by the CDC is accepted as true based on its junk observational science and nearly junk statistical significance (p-value = 0.01), then masks do next to nothing.
  2. If this study is what it looks to really be, that is, junk science based on highly dubious data and equally dubious statistical analysis, it is a fly-buzzed pile of horse manure.

Since no one can look anywhere in the world and see that the infection and death rate curves have been impacted by mask mandates, it seem overly generous to give masks any benefit of the doubt at all.

Given all the highly questionable GIGO COVID statistics on infections and deaths, that figure is a rounding error. We’re also to believe that influenza dropped to about zero cases from 56 million last year. C'mon man... Soviet propaganda is more persuasive than this CDC twaddle.

Policy makers like mandates, regardless of consequences, behaving like children who cannot understand that every issue has pros and cons. So mask mandates are likely to stay for a while.

See also: Stanford Review: Dr. Scott Atlas: The Last Word.

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