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COVID-19: Isn’t this Almost Entirely* a Disease of the Elderly and Obese?

Besides the very elderly aside and some unusual situations, it seems that this COVID pandemic is heavily skewed* towards obesity. Look at the statistics for death with/without obesity (see below).

But no one want to call it what it really is: an obesity pandemic and a geriatric pandemic. The statistics prove that. It is not a disease of the young and healthy.

If an obese person gets COVID and dies, is that a death from COVID, or a death from an inherently morbid state of the body?

No one wants to talk about that publicly. Intellectual honesty is under assault.

By what objective rationale can a very weak person or an obese person be said to have died from COVID, when persons without those situations would NOT have died? To do so is to igore a key factor, which is as anti-scientific as it gets. That’s why for decades deaths recorded all the relevant factors, but now that ratinal approach has been discarded for COVID, and only COVID—that makes no scientific or medical sense.

* Clarifier insered for those too literal-minded to understand reasonable generalizations.

See also:

Body Mass Index and Risk for COVID-19–Related Hospitalization, Intensive Care Unit Admission, Invasive Mechanical Ventilation, and Death — United States, March–December 2020

... The findings in this report highlight a dose-response relationship between higher BMI and severe COVID-19–associated illness and underscore the need for progressively intensive illness management as obesity severity increases. Continued strategies are needed to ensure community access to nutrition and physical activity opportunities that promote and support a healthy BMI.

WIND: in other words, obesity kills when it comes to COVID. This was clear long ago.

By having failed to raise a highly visible public health campaign on the vastly increased risk for obese and overweight people, the government de facto killed many people.

Would we tolerate a government that failed to warn people of any other obvious health risk? Woke political correctness is killing people by purposefully avoiding a key factor that might be perceived as “fat shaming”. Well, better alive than dead.

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