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COVID-19: Why Isn’t Everyone Dying in Texas?

The propoganda campaign of the experts and government is still going full steam ahead. But what is the reality?

Check out the graphs, or go build your own at the CDC web site.

Why Is Everyone in Texas Not Dying?

... The CDC has a very helpful tool that allows anyone to compare open vs closed states. The results are devastating for those who believe that lockdowns are the way to control a virus. In this chart we compare closed states Massachusetts and California with open states Georgia, Florida, Texas, and South Carolina. 

What can we conclude from such a visualization? It suggests that the lockdowns have had no statistically observable effect on the virus trajectory and resulting severe outcomes. The open states have generally performed better, perhaps not because they are open but simply for reasons of demographics and seasonality. The closed states seem not to have achieved anything in terms of mitigation.


What’s striking about all the above predictions of infections and deaths is not just that they were all wrong. It’s the arrogance and confidence behind each of them. After a full year and directly observing the inability of “nonpharmaceutical interventions” to manage the pathogen, the experts are still wedded to their beloved lockdowns, unable or unwilling to look at the data and learn anything from them. 


WIND: lockdowns destroy lives and economies and result in huge numbers of deaths of younger people. That’s all that ever did and all they ever will do, a fact has been obvious for more than half a year now. But repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it forever.

BTW, the CDC data is GIGO, since it was corrupted by arbitrary changes to decades-long practices in reporting standards.

See also: Hysterical Fearmongering by the Leader of the CDC

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