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COVID-19: CDC Skewed CCP Virus Fatalities Higher, Peer-Reviewed Study Claims

First, the CDC March 24 COVID death guidelines, a wild-west-anything-goes change to decades-long practices:

CDC COVID-19 Alert No. 2, March 24, 2020


What happens if the terms reported on the death certificate indicate uncertainty?

If the death certificate reports terms such as “probable COVID-19” or “likely COVID-19,” these terms would be assigned the new ICD code. It Is not likely that NCHS will follow up on these cases...


Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?

COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II...

WIND: this is intellectual dishonesty and outright scientific fraud in the form of a mandatory reporting guideline.

Assumptions are heresy—guesses, not science. And contributions to a death matter hugely; that’s why pre-COVID reporting guidelines made sense and still do and are still used for everything but COVID.

And arbitrarily assigning the cause of death to COVID when 2/3/4/other co-morbidities are present is not just intellectual incompetence, it is patently ridiculous. Who can take the CDC seriously after this?

The whole thing stinks of political influence designed to rally support for the totalitarian policies of lockdowns and required masking, leaving the US Constitution in tatters to this day. That might have been defensible way back a year ago when so much was unknown, but here we are a year later with no credible scientific evidence for efficacy, and garbage data from the CDC to boot. So we will never know what really happened.

The Epoch Times: CDC Skewed CCP Virus Fatalities Higher, Peer-Reviewed Study Claims

A little-noticed, peer-reviewed study published last October by a science and public health journal claims the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ignored federal laws and regulations when it changed how the government counts deaths from COVID-19, caused by the CCP virus, also known as the novel coronavirus.

...The 10 authors of the study compared fatality counts compiled using the new system propounded by the CDC in an alert issued on March 24, 2020, early in the initial national lockdown and the procedures used by the CDC and all state and local public health officials since 2003. The latter procedures are described in two handbooks, one for physicians and a second for medical examiners and coroners.

“These handbooks have been used successfully for 17 years without need of update. They remain in use today for all causes of death except where involvement of COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed. When involvement of COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed, the March 24th, 2020 COVID19 Alert No. 2 guidelines are used instead,” according to the study.

Based on data for all recorded U.S. deaths through Aug. 23, 2020, the new CDC system counted 161,392 that were attributed to the virus. Using the older system, the death total was only 9,684.

... The same weekly alert updated as of March 14, 2021, read: “For 6 percent of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 3.8 additional conditions or causes per death.”

...Did the CDC’s decision to abandon a known and proven effective system also breach several federal laws that ensure data accuracy and integrity? Did the CDC knowingly alter rules for reporting cause of death in the presence of comorbidity exclusively for COVID-19? If so, why?”


WIND: makes you wonder a bit, doesn’t it?

We can safely assume that no one in the government will attempt to answer the questions, either the legal ones or the intellectual/medical ones.

Follow the science” and “trust the experts” is for the gullible.

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