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AEIR: The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing

Where is the scientific evidence that lockdowns have had any benefits? Doesn’t exist.

The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing

...The lockdowners are now dealing with the huge problem of Texas. It has been fully open with no restrictions for 6 weeks. Cases and deaths fell dramatically in the same period. Fauci has no answer. Or compare closed California with open Florida: similar death rates. We have a full range of experiences in the US that allow comparisons between open and closed and disease outcomes. There is no relationship.

The problem is that the presence or absence of lockdowns in the face of the virus seem completely uncorrelated with any disease trajectory. AIER has assembled 33 case studies from all over the world showing this to be true. 

Why should any of this matter? Because the “scientists” who recommended lockdowns had posited very precisely and pointedly that they had found the way to control the virus and minimized negative outcomes. We know for sure that the lockdowns imposed astonishing collateral damage. What we do not see is any relationship between lockdowns and disease outcomes. 

This is devastating because the scientists who pushed lockdowns had made specific and falsifiable predictions. This was probably their biggest mistake. In doing so, they set up a test of their theory. Their theory failed. This is the sort of moment that causes a collapse of a scientific paradigm, as explained by Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962). 

...The silence of Fauci in Congressional hearings is telling. His willingness only to be interviewed by fawning mainstream media TV anchors is as well. Many of the other lockdowners that were public and preening one year ago have fallen silent, sending ever fewer tweets and content that is ever more surreptitious rather than certain. The crisis for the fake science of lockdownism may not be upon us now but it is coming. 


WIND: sometimes things cannot be compared fairly—too many variables. But when the argument becomes “nothing can be compared” (states, countries, counties, etc), it strains credulity.

The hypothesis that “lockdowns work” has been falsified (ditto for masking). But pet theories and orthodoxies live a long time, and doubling-down like Governor Whitmer in Michigan... pathetic and cruel.

Science itself has been dealt a major blow by all this faux science nonsense. Dig below the surface and most of what passes for science, particularly medical science, is trash-talking bullshit, usually with BigPharma or BigAg or some other corrupting influence behind it. To wit:

Patient: I’m eating X and it’s fixed my problem.
Doctor: stop eating X! It’s interfering with your medication to control X!

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