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COVID Vaccines for Long Haul COVID?

In general, and stated for the (blessedly infrequent) aholes unable/unwilling to take a balanced view and having no concept of risk assessment: In general I support the COVID vaccine. But individuals are specific situations, which is why doctors bother at all with actually seeing patients for any/all issues! The COVID vaccine has proven risks including deadly ones, and there is NO DATA at the CDC for those with auto-immune issues like myself, pregnant women, and numerous other groups. As well as the question of whether it works at all for those taking immunosuppressive drugs (tens of millions of people). And you will not be compensated if the vaccine causes long-term damage!

Several readers have written to suggest that the Trump COVID vaccine(s) might help for Long Haul COVID. I thank them for wanting to help.

Let’s look at that idea from a rational and scientific perspective, which assumes that assumptions are not science, and that the science is never 'settled' (an absurdity).

Hypothesis: one or more of the COVID vaccines might help Long Haul COVID patients

Such a hypothesis needs at least some credible basis.

  • The speculative idea that COVID can somehow linger in the body—3/6/9 months later. There is not even the faintest scientific evidence for this that I am aware of. Also, it would imply an incompetent immune system, unable to rid the body of even trace levels of the virus and/or a virus able to embed itself like Herpes Zoster (chickenpox/shingles) or Epstein Barr virus.
  • The immune system is somehow in a state of corruption such that the vaccine would somehow stimulate the immune system to be All Good again.
  • The vaccine could somehow undamage any damage that had been done by the virus (the “unicorns and rainbows” theory).
  • The vaccine being a major stressor to the immune system could help the body repair itself by putting it under duress. When does ADDING stress to a body already under duress help the body heal anything?

Are any of the above credible? Some other working hypothesis? Maybe there could be a side effect of the vaccine that somehow miraculously reset the body and immune system and magically repairs damage? WOW, that would be quite a major medical breakthrough! Sounds like snake oil in its worst-ever incarnation. Still, I cannot rule it out of the realm of possibility that the vaccine could act in ways not yet understood.

But it all seems like the Unicorns and Rainbows theory.

Things like this move around the world at lightning speed while vaccine-happy medical "experts" are all too glad to speculate to encourage vaccine adoption—with no attention to risk assessment. In other words, insidious propaganda. Sure would like to be wrong on that, but it sure looks that way.

Such speculations are why well designed double-blind randomized controlled trials are needed. But what is much more likely is “get the vaccine and shut the fuck up about the risks”.

And the COVID vaccine risks are real for people with auto-immune issues or immunosuppressive drugs, with the government incompetent to track the risks, let alone objectively assess them in the tidal wave of vaccine profits.

Blindly trusting experts/data/science is for the stupid and ignorant, as 2020 proved. Real science is not a “consensus”; it is evidence based! Yet politics and profits are at the very core of much of today’s “science”. Asking questions is as the core of science, which is what the foregoing is all about.

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