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My Asthma of 35 Years is Cured, and I’ve Thrown Away all my Inhalers, Not needed for a Year Now

Consult your doctor before making changes, particularly abrupt ones to medications, or if you have a special situation, such as kidney disease. I am not a doctor, this is my own experience. Use it as you see fit.

My asthma of 35 years is cured, something no doctor (the “experts”) would even contemplate as achievable.

I mean “cured” as in zero clinical symptoms, excepting a few episodic (incited by severe dust) episodes last June when I was getting it under control, and sporadically for a few months after that, clearly due to nervous system disregulation caused by Long Haul COVID. In each case, the solution was quick and 100% effective.

For nine months now, I am talking about zero clinical symptoms. My lungs are functioning perfectly. After 35 years of always having an inhaler around.

So I threw away all my inhalers. Bandaids needed every day that make huge profits for Big Pharma and check the box for “standard of care” but improve nothing over time*.

How did I do it? I fixed my magnesium deficiency problem. Not only did magnesium work ten times better than any inhaler (little or no benefit!) for those episodic issues, by fixing my magnesium deficiency issue the asthma just went away entirely. After 35 years.

Update: I no longer use or recommend ReMag because of the relatively high lead (Pb) content in ReMag. See my preferred choice now, Nutricost Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate.

So trust your doctor to dismiss my case as “anecdotal”, and advise you to ignore nutrition and stay on your expensive inhaler with all its side effects and uselessness towards improving lung health.

And if your doctor is receptive, don’t get bamboozled into testing your magnesium with a highly unreliable test (serum magnesium). Testing is pointless in any case: it is extremely difficult to get enough Mg in our diets for ongoing needs, let alone fixing a deficit, and therefore supplementation is essential. And the body just excretes what it doesn’t need.

Shame on all the doctors who never once contemplated nutrition for that 35 years, making me suffer physically and financially for all that time. Yet this is the state of medicine today—the true dark ages in terms of optimal health.

* All continuous prescription medications are like this—bandaid solutions that solve nothing. That’s all the modern medical establishment has to offer, not health gains! One symptom, one diagnosis, one drug mentality—it’s not even credible from a logic point of view—the body is not a test tube.

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