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Sebastian Rushworth MD: Is COVID a danger to children? (risk analysis of infection vs vaccination)

re: Vaccinating Children and Young Adults is a Gross Abuse of Human Rights, and a Chilling Failure of Medical Ethics
re: LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Who Questioned Risks of COVID-19 Shots
re: Sebastian Rushworth MD

Expressing concerns like this is a thought crime on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Is COVID a danger to children?

7 July 2021. Emphasis added.

...Attention has been turning to the issue of whether or not children should also be vaccinated. This has been accompanied by an increase in claims in the media that COVID is in fact more dangerous to children than was previously thought.
[WIND: more fake news from the fearmongering media. Fear sells.]

I think most people intuitively agree that children shouldn’t be vaccinated unless the benefits to them outweigh the risks. That is probably the reason for the sudden up-tick in the claims of danger. While you might convince young adults to vaccinate themselves “for the greater good”, even though there is almost certainly no benefit to them personally, you will have a harder time convincing parents to let their children be vaccinated if there is no actual benefit to the children. 

That is especially true in light of the mounting evidence that the COVID vaccines can cause harm, such as findings from the CDC that some of the vaccines cause an increased risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), particularly in boys and young men. This comes on the heels of earlier findings that some of the vaccines increase the risk of serious blood clotting disorders, particularly in young women. Let’s remember, the vaccines were invented only a little over a year ago. It is possible (in fact quite likely) that there will be new revelations of harm going forward. So if you want to convince parents to let their children be vaccinated in spite of this increasing evidence of harm, then you need to convince them that COVID is in fact a real danger to their children.
[WIND: harms can take years to emerge and with the CDC and FDA explicitly not tracking non-immediate harms, the victims will have no recourse for damages, and suffer for a lifetime]

With that in mind, let’s look in to the claim that COVID is a danger to children. I’m going to be using mainly Swedish statistics, since those are the ones I’m most familiar with, and since Sweden is better than virtually every other country in the world at producing reliable statistics... after a full year and a half of the pandemic. To put that in some perspective, in 2020, 15 children in Sweden died in traffic accidents. So the risk of a child in Sweden dying of COVID during the pandemic has been around half the risk of that child dying in a traffic accident. Note also that Sweden has the safest roads in the world, yet children are still twice as likely to die in a traffic accident as they are to die of COVID, and that’s during a raging pandemic.


To sum up, COVID is not a threat to children. At least not more of a threat than many other risks we take for granted and happily let our children take, like riding in cars and crossing streets. In order for it to make sense to vaccinate children with this being the case, it has to be clear beyond any reasonable doubt that there are virtually zero risks associated with the vaccine. Why? Because if the COVID vaccine is associated with even a very small risk of harm, then the risk associated with the vaccine could well be greater than the risk associated with the infection. Since it is at present far from clear that vaccination is less risky to children than infection, it is deeply unethical to vaccinate them.

If we go ahead and vaccinate children because we hope that it will marginally decrease the risk to adults (on top of the risk reduction already seen from vaccinating almost the entire adult population), then we are putting our children at risk for our own gain. We should be the ones taking risks for our children. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

WIND: how can any ethical doctor justify giving an experimental vaccine to a child at nil risk, a vaccine with well-demonstrated serious side effects far in excess of any typical vaccine?

Legalized forcible child abuse in this country has now become the reality of modern medical practice. All supported by fearmongering media* and emotion-driven government leaders.

Ethics in medicine these days is an oxymoron and has been for a decades. This is a profession that rarely improves baseline health, is ignorant of nutrition as medicine, engages in gross overdiagnosis, whose mantra is the one symptom-one diagnosis-one-drug paint-by-numbers, damages millions of lives with drugs like statins for no benefit, and were they mechanics duct tape would be the most common “tool”. But boy am I glad to have competent doctors for real medical needs, like sewing up my face after a bike crash. Thing is medicine has long since departed the road of wisdom.

But what’s really scary is that the vast majority of doctors are incompetent at estimating medical risks, literally worse than monkeys and a dart board. As someone trained in mathematics, statistics, operations research (risk management), I regularly observe the gaping cracks in medical reasoning.

* Fearmongering (all issues) is the core business model for the media today.

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