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How Many People Really Had COVID? How Many Vaccinated People are Getting COVID and Spreading it?

re: Extraordinarily Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds @AMAZON

Having had COVID is surely as good as the best vaccination*, and my bet is that past infection will be shown to be superior to vaccination*. Time will prove that out.

With hysterical thugs screaming for punishments for those who do not want the Trump vaccines, one has to ask: how many Americans have already had COVID? And why would anyone who already had COVID take the risk of vaccination, lacking forceful scientific evidence of benefits vs risks?

If you had COVID, are you happy that the mob wants to punish you for not getting vaccinated?

Since estimates are as high as 150 million Americans already having had COVID, plus some degree of natural immunity even prior to COVID, why the hysteria about those who go unvaccinated?

We were told that herd immunity was at around 2/3 of the population. If half the population has been vaccinated (161 million so far as this was written as per the CDC), and half have been infected already (the two cohorts can overlap), we should have long since reached herd immunity or be pretty darn close. But we apparently have not. Notice that the experts (aka liars and political hacks) have gone curiously silent on the herd immunity thing.

Something doesn’t add up. I smell a rat.

The CDC claims that vaccines are highly effective. A claim made some time ago. Could that now be bullshit, what with the Delta (Indian subcontinent) variant infecting people who can also infect others? That could hold true, even if the vaccine blunts the infection (which I do not dispute).

Could it be that the definition of “breakthrough cases” is so poorly tracked as to mislead (perhaps intentionally as it would undermine the case for vaccination to some degree)? Where is it proven that vaccinated persons do not get asymptotic COVID (such as 'Delta' variant) that they can also pass along to others? Say with randomized testing of 100K people.

When you see that feckless Dr Fauci is discussing bringing back mask mandates for vaccinated people, it’s just not credible that the vaccine is anywhere near as effective as claimed.

No one at the CDC or FDA or White House would like to talk about any of these questions because it would throw a monkey wrench into the official narrative.

What are the statistics? Do we have any credible data and if not, why not?

  • Were the PCR tests just one huge medical fraud, misleading us about the true rate of COVID infections?
  • Among those that definitively had COVID before, how many get infected again (including variants)? Or maybe they never had it, and the PCR test was a fraud? Where is the randomized sampling/tracking each week of vaccinated people for recurrent infection?
  • Among those vaccinated, how many are getting infected again? Are they infecting others?
  • What is the breakdown of those newly infected? Broken out by various factors (age, morbidities, etc), and by vaccine brand? If nothing else, we had damn well better know which of the vaccines is most effective!

Lacking credible data on any of these questions, the current situation looks more like fearmongering and politics than science.

* Someone please point me to multiple high quality large studies that support or refute that claim.

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