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Could COVID-Vaccinated People be Driving the Evolution of New and Deadlier COVID Variants?

re: Covid, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century @AMAZON
re: Ivermectin

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Apply evolutionary pressure, and viruses will rapidly evolve.

Many vaccinated people are still getting infected, thus the COVID vaccines apply stiff evolutionary pressure. The COVID vaccines work to minimize severity but also serve as petri dishes for viral evolution/mutation. Apply to large populations over time, and variants should evolve as the direct result of mass vaccination. It’s just probability with a surety approaching p=1.0 over time. The frankenvirii that emerge could be far deadlier, or maybe not. No one can say.

We know that with the Trump vaccines people still get infected with COVID, and some die from it (was the vaccine totally ineffective?). How is that possible with “99% efficacy”? That we now hear might wane quickly in as little as 6 months. Perhaps the claims of efficacy are bullshit as in measuring the wrong thing as in measuring antibodies which are not the right metric. Where is the data on that and many other vaccine-related questions? The authorities seem to have no interest in finding out.

Over half the USA is vaccinated now (far higher percentage for the high-risk cohort) and an estimated half the population has already been infected. Surely that yields 70% of the population either vaccinated or prior-infected. Yet virus cases are again spiking. We were told by “experts” that 70% should be herd immunity. Something does not add up, these experts are either ignorant or lying or just morons.

This vaccination hysteria may well be setting us up for a “forever” virus that humanity will never be rid of. And that’s setting aside the unnknown long-term effects of the COVID vaccines on top of short term risks. God save the rapidly developing bodies of children from the child abusers with their COVID jabs.

The Epoch Times: Will COVID-19 Vaccines Drive Mutated Variants?


Despite media reports suggesting unvaccinated people will drive mutations of SARS-CoV-2 (or the CCP virus, which causes COVID-19), actual research suggests that more dangerous mutations of the virus could come from the specific nature of the vaccines now being used around the world. Half of Americans have declined the vaccine.

Only 49 percent of Americans more than 18 years of age are fully vaccinated, with 56 percent having received one dose of the two-dose Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

Some media reports are claiming these unvaccinated people are serving as viral factories for more dangerous variants of the virus. But this false narrative hides the fact that mass vaccinations may be putting us all in a far more dire situation than necessary.

Vaccinated People Can Serve as Breeding Grounds for Mutations

...Whether you’re going to be susceptible to variants has very little to do with whether or not you have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, because antibodies aren’t your primary defense against viruses, T-cells are. What this means is that getting booster shots for different variants isn’t going to help, because these vaccines don’t strengthen your T-cell immunity.


WIND: efficacy claims for vaccines were based on antibodies, not T-cells. Read that paragraph above—vaccine-induced antibodies are NOT your primary defense against COVID. And the vaccines are all about generating antibodies to the spike protein. But antibody levels decline rapidly in a few months. And perhaps even quicker in athletes* and other cohorts.

Hence it makes perfect sense that we see increasing numbers of cases in vaccinated people. Along with studies that show rapidly waning antibody levels, it should give pause as to whether vaccines are a disaster in the making, steadily declining in efficacy while fostering new more deadly variants.

Reasonable people can argue over whether these points. But reasonable people cannot dismiss the questions, nor can the wisest expert have any confidence as to what will actually evolve. But one thing we know already is that COVID has already evolved to become much more infectious ('Delta'/India variant). It would be moronic to assume that we are 'done'.

We definitely have imperfect vaccination (many people still get infected after vaccination). Such people are viral factories applying heavy evolutionary pressure on the virus. All it takes is one person and one mutation to create a new disaster.

Can the vaccines even be called vaccines? They stimulate an immune system response but they do NOT yield immunity! Could be great for Big Pharma profit margins for years to come, with more and more booster shots needed to address new mutations. What a gravy train! Follow the money—$15 to $30 billion dollars for Pfizer alone, at least $36 billion for Pfizer + Moderna + J&J. That kind of cash with the prospect of booster shot revenue corrupts absolutely.

Contrast that to unvaccinated people, who while being more at risk of serious issues than the vaccinated, do not apply evolutionary pressure to the virus. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent and cure those people than vaccinate them for short-term protection? That’s the question the authorities are seemingly intent on not answering.

Wehave no short or medium term prospect of eradicating COVID, and we have already seen half a dozen variants pop up**. The demonization of those who go unvaccinated is unjustified on so many levels, but the worst offense might turn out to be its wholly unscientific basis, as per above. As well as the unknown long-term risks, the short term risks, and turning the vaccinated into petri dishes for COVID mutations.

* When I was infected with some radically strange thing in April 2020, I was in a remote area and never got a PCR test. Instead I was laid-low for 2.5 weeks in the middle of nowhere in my Sprinter van. While weakened by the experience and still having gastrointenstinal issues, I resumed hard training a few weeks later, followed by being whacked overnight in mid-June, presumably from EBV running wild, precipitated by the COVID infection. In August (4.5 months later) my antibody test was negative. But hard training and 4.5 months and severe EBV infection are not exactly compatible with the body maintaining COVID antibodies.

** Or are some or one of the newly variants actually variants engineered and released by the Chinese Communist Party, perhaps? Can’t rule it out.

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