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Face masks to be required inside all San Mateo County (California) facilities starting today

re: Ivermectin
re: Despite ‘Delta’ Alarmism, US COVID Deaths Are at Lowest Level Since March 2020, Harvard and Stanford Professors Explain

Yesterday, I walked in for my acupuncture appointment at Sutter, in San Mateo County. I had forgotten a mask, but I walked all the way in to the 4th floor and checked in. No one seemed to notice, including the receptionist. I had to ask for a mask, doing so only out of courtesy for the other patients—zero concern for myself. COVID theatre is an amusing thing to watch, with some people pulling their mask down below their nose (inside) and anti-science jackasses on bikes and hikes all alone wearing masks too!

I live in San Mateo County, California. The leadership is at it again: masks are required inside all county buildings, for vaccinated and unvaccinated. Think about that: it’s not a general mandate (county buildings, medical facilities and a few other venues), so how is that going to slow any spread (in theory) when 99% of human interaction is in other venues? It’s irrational beyond belief.

With the Trump-vaccines yielding an 89% vaccination rate (!) and a handful of cases in my home county of San Mateo, and with hardly any hospital beds in use (Ivermectin surely not used!), this fearmongering and posturing does not help anyone.

The Almanac

...On July 15, San Mateo County Health recorded 74 new COVID-19 cases [WIND: over ten days, up from 13 cases in June], compared to 13 new cases recorded on June 15, the day the state reopened. Hospitalizations have also risen in the last week, with 20 confirmed COVID-19 patients hospitalized as of Wednesday, July 21.

...Board of Supervisors president David Canepa supported the mask mandate for county facilities, saying, "No one wants to ditch these damn masks more than I do but we can't do it until we are all vaccinated."

While vaccinations are highly effective against COVID-19 and its variants, county officials said they "need to take action now to protect younger children and overall public health as cases rise."...

Miniscule numbers. Virtue signaling. And younger children are not at risk. Morons.

Or maybe it is a good idea, if the vaccines don’t prevent infection and breed new variants?

April 2020: “Just two weeks of lockdown to flatten the curve”.
July 2021: Masks forever! Lockdowns coming again to a shithole near you!

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