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FLCCC Alliance: I-RECOVER Management Protocol for Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS)

re: Ivermectin

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

In the throes of Long-Haul COVID? At least some aspects of this protocol might be of benefit. It is a far more coherent and considered approach than the shrug you’ll get from the average physician.

Speaking for myself (and only for myself), from last July to November when I was in the muddle of brain fog, disturbed sleep, headaches, extreme fatigue, etc, I would have been delighted to try Ivermectin for starters. Though I would have also liked to try high dose intravenous Vitamin C (20K IU or more for 4 days) even before that. Again, speaking for myself and not giving advice. But Vitamin C protocol would probably get these doctors into more controversy than they want to take on, and it might not work. Still, it’s what I would demand as a safe risk-free first step. Barring that, I’d go for the Ivermectin because good luck finding an MD willing to do intravenous Vitamin C.

UPDATE, August 2021: Ivermectin seemingly f*cked me up big time. Use all prescription drugs with caution.

I am not necessarily in agreement with the particulars of this protocol, as I think it relies too heavily on pharmacological drugs that all together are a variant of the one symptom/one diagnosis/one drug approach, multiplied by half a dozen symptoms.

FLCCC Alliance: I-RECOVER Management Protocol for Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS)

The Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS) is an often debilitating syndrome characterized by a multitude of symptoms such as prolonged malaise, headaches, generalized fatigue, sleep difficulties, smell disorder, decreased appetite, painful joints, dyspnea, chest pain and cognitive dysfunction. The incidence of symptoms after COVID-19 varies from as low as 10% to as high as 80%. LHCS is not only seen after the COVID-19 infection but it is being observed in some people that have received vaccines(likely due to monocyte activation by the spike protein from the vaccine). A puzzling feature of the LHCS syndrome is that it is not predicted by initial disease severity; post-COVID-19 frequently affects mild-to-moderate cases and younger adults that did not require respiratory support or intensive care.


Given the lack of available treatment recommendations in the setting of large numbers of patients suffering with this disorder globally, the FLCCC developed the I-RECOVER protocol in collaboration with a number of expert clinicians including Dr. Mobeen Syed, Dr. Ram Yogendra, Dr. Bruce Patterson, and Dr. Tina Peers. Although our varied yet often overlapping treatment approaches were initially empiric, while based on both preliminary investigations into and prevailing theoretical pathophysiologic mechanisms of LHCS, the consistently positive clinical responses observed, often profound and sustained, led the collaboration to form the consensus protocol below. As with all FLCCC protocols, we must emphasize that multiple aspects of the protocol may change as scientific data and clinical experience in this condition evolve, thus it is important to check back frequently or join the FLCCC Alliance to receive notification of any protocol changes.

WIND: those suffering LHC cannot afford to wait for our jackass “experts” to come up with anything useful—they’ve had 18 months now and have come up with nothing useful. This is at least an authentic, conflict-free approach that has helped many. I-RECOVER Protocol
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