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Do we have a COVID problem any more?

re: Despite ‘Delta’ Alarmism, US COVID Deaths Are at Lowest Level Since March 2020, Harvard and Stanford Professors Explain

With nearly 60% of the population vaccinated (and climbing) and an estimated 130 million already having had COVID, there can’t be that many people left at high risk. Well, barring antibody dependent enhancement and latent vaccine side effects that no one can rule out.

Moreover, nearly all of the high-risk people who want the Trump vaccine have gotten it.

In epidemiological terms, how does COVID now differ from any other virus that takes its seasonal toll, such as RSV or influenza? Is there any hard evidence of a hospitalization/death problem any more, one that the system is at risk of not easily handling?

Ever ask yourself why the alleged death toll is no longer mentioned every day on the “news”? Maybe because the business model of “the news” is fearmongering, and it’s no longer usable for that, having nearly stopped in its tracks. Look it up including the graph. Things have never been better since the serious start of the epidemic, March 2020 (as of July 31 2021).

For the unvaccinated

I’m not here to persuade you—I’ve made my personal choice based on my specific situation. Ditto for my wife and one daughter who are vaccinated, and two daughters who are not. But a big middle finger to anyone who presumes to make such decisions for others.

For the as-yet unvaccinated: weigh for yourself whether the significant risk of developing Long-Haul COVID outweighs the unknown long-term risks of the vaccine. No honest expert can advise you as to your own personal risk of either. But if you choose to not get vaccinated, do it for well-considered personal reasons, avoiding ideology (yours and others), and pay close attention to nutrition.

Time to move on

Here in northern California with 89% of the population vaccinated, COVID fear is more of a psychiatric illness and political bludgeon than an infectious disease issue. What’s focal is attentional, but the major threat is over and done with, unless the Trump vaccines fail us.

Sure, the virus has to make its way through the remaining population. It will injure and kill more people. And hopefully burn itself out, or perhaps become one of those viruses we all just have to live with.

I could be wrong (!), but I do not see any credible evidence that even the COVID delta variant is resulting in harm anywhere near what we saw last year. The fire is smoldering with a few small flames here and there, but it looks like it is dying down to embers. Infecting vaccinated people far more than is acknowledged, which is probably a good thing, since natural immunity is surely far superior in the long run to the vaccines.

Let the people who don’t want vaccination wait their turn for infection. Respect their choice, which can rest on many legitimate reasons, rather than demonizing them out of ignorance and ideological hatred. Everyone else can get back to their lives.

COVID is now mainly weaponized political theatre. It’s time to say no to this evil.

Daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people

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