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The Trump COVID Vaccines are Failing to Halt COVID, the Vaccinated are Spreaders, but could getting vaccinated be the best risk management decision?

re: Ivermectin
re: Despite ‘Delta’ Alarmism, US COVID Deaths Are at Lowest Level Since March 2020, Harvard and Stanford Professors Explain

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

The Trump COVID vaccines look to be highly effective at reducing severity of COVID infections. By that metric, the Trump vaccines appear to be a huge success, assuming no medium and long-term side effects emerge (eg neurological, immunological, ADE, etc). And if you are not one of the unlucky ones with immediate damage/death. No one can say for you personally.

Psychological factors are a medical consideration, either way—fear of COVID, fear of COVID vaccine. Anyone who dismisses that as a serious consideration reveals their contempt and cruelty for others. But no one has the right to demand that others take on risk for themselves for some statistical benefit for others; that’s pure evil.

The major risk for most is Long-Haul COVID. Death is only for a tiny percentage, 90% of which are the very old. LHC is a life-changer, as I can attest 17 months after infection. Imagine what would happen if you got LHC. So you should at least consider the Trump vaccines for your own personal situation.

It’s all about guessing at unknown risks on both sides. No honest doctor can tell you what your personal risk is, though the unethical ones will try to persuade you they can. Remember that as a group, when it comes to probability, monkeys throwing darts beat doctors. So you are on your own and have to make your bet regardless. Each person should get to choose.

For most, infection after vaccination should probably be looked at as a bonus, because it is a way to minimize risks from infection while gaining natural immunity, surely far superior to vaccine immunity in the long run, and likely to last far longer—multiple immune system things happening, vs just antibodies to a spike protein.

I am choosing to not be vaccinated because (a) I am betting that my April 2020 infection was COVID thus giving me natural immunity (and unresolved Long-Haul COVID), and (b) I deem it risky to vaccinate myself given confirmed auto-immune issues and ongoing LHC fatigue issues, (c) my doctor’s confirmation of those risks raises my concerns of being damaged yet again by possibly false claims of safety for conventional medicine.

In my family each of us has decided for themselves. Two of us are vaccinated, and three are not, all for personal reasons. That’s the way it should be, unless the bigots and thugs get their way.

Why can’t the government tell the truth, raising confidence?

For preventing infection and community spread, the vaccine is not a solution, if for no other reason than vaccinated people drop their guard and some that get infected become spreaders. It’s happening all over the place and in large numbers. I’d bet that the true spread of COVID via The Vaccinated is probably 10X larger than acknowledged—but the CDC’s incompetence gives us no data to find out.

It should be obvious to anyone living in the real world that “rare” breakthrough cases are commonplace enough to be a major source of community spread—CDC pro-vaccine propaganda notwithstanding. Most of The Vaccinated surely drop most precautions and socialize, spreading COVID. Hence the mask mandates again even for the vaccinated.

Surging Delta-variant COVID cases cannot be explained by demonizing the unvaccinated. With over 60% of the population vaccinated and nearly half the population already having had COVID (natural immunity), the government and the CDC have zero credibility in pushing for vaccination of the small fraction of the population not yet vaccinated. These intellectual crooks now want to ignore the huge chunk of the population with natural immunity and the huge chunk also vaccinated, telling us that 90% vaccinate is needed for herd immunity. What a stinking pile.

Here in San Mateo County, California with 90% vaccination rate, we now have masking requirements for all and lockdowns are not far off. Where is our herd immunity

Is anyone clueless enough to believe that vaccinations can halt things when clearly the vaccinated are major spreaders?

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