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Ivermectin for Long-Haul COVID: Disastrous Results For Me

re: Ivermectin

I thought it unlikely that Ivermectin would help my case 17 months after my infection. My doctor was less hopeful, telling me that it had not worked for his other patients.

But on the outside chance that Ivermectin might help me with Long-Haul COVID, I took a 5 day course of it (3mg X 3 times a day, 9mg per day ).

The 2nd day I felt particularly good, but that appears to have been a fluke, because the next day I was just body-slammed. On days 4 and 5 I developed more fatigue and unprecedented pain throughout my body, aching that felt like it was in my bones, joints, back, chest, hands, feet, etc.

Various history over the past year support the hypothesis that my issues might be auto-immune in nature and thus not amenable to any treatment other than rest and nutrition. And maybe acupuncture which I think was helping, but a few thousand dollars later (not covered by insurance), I had to quit that.

EXPERIENCE REPORT: Ivermectin dangerous to some?

Could Ivermectin have increased my auto-immune problems?

Is it coincidence that severe unprecedented whole-body pain started on day 3 of 5 of Ivermectin, along with headaches and severe weakness?

In the end, I spent about 23 hours a day for five days either sleeping or lying down. Recovery to a baseline level took a week. It sure seems like Ivermectin caused this horrible episode.


Western medicine has utterly failed with respect to auto-immune diseases, so I have little hope there. And so far the doctors have been shooting blanks in the dark at helping me. Except acupuncture which I think was helping. But I cannot afford it any longer, as my health plan does not cover it (I spent several thousand dollars already, but that’s my limit).

Hence I am going to try CBD, which I have used before with pleasant results. There is evidence that CBD can help with auto-immune conditions. But what matters to anyone is the N=1 results for oneself.

Conclusion: Overall, the data overwhelmingly support the notion that CBD is immune suppressive and that the mechanisms involve direct suppression of activation of various immune cell types, induction of apoptosis, and promotion of regulatory cells, which, in turn, control other immune cell targets.

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