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Why aren’t we issuing 120 million “COVID immunity” certificates?

re: Anyone testing positive for COVID antibodies should be issued a “COVID immunity certificate”
re: Odds of Being Reinfected with COVID are Nil

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Why aren’t we issuing 120 million “COVID immunity” certificates?

Test for antibodies, then issue the certificate if positive and stop harrassing the “unvaccinated” already-immune (natural immunity). But are antibody tests reliable... maybe not—I don’t think they are based on my personal experience.

But if you had a positive PCR test (used for all our COVID fearmongering), why should you not get a certificate from that alone?

CDC: Estimated COVID-19 Burden

... CDC estimates that from February 2020–May 2021:

  • 1 in 4.2 (95% UI* 3.6 – 4.9) COVID–19 infections were reported.
  • 1 in 3.8 (95% UI* 3.4 – 4.3) COVID–19 symptomatic illnesses were reported.
  • 1 in 1.8 (95% UI* 1.6 – 2.0) COVID–19 hospitalizations were reported.
  • 1 in 1.3 (95% UI* 1.30 – 1.34) COVID-19 deaths were reported.

These estimates suggest that during this period, there were approximately:

- 120.2 Million Estimated Total Infections
- 101.8 Million Estimated Symptomatic Illnesses
- 6.2 Million Estimated Hospitalizations
- 767,000 Estimated Total Deaths


WIND: it is leadership incompetence to be ignorant of the most basic metrics around COVID.

  • Why have then been no randomized sampling of the population nationwide?
  • Here in August, why has nothing on the CDC page been updated since May?
  • Why aren’t we issuing 120 million “COVID immunity” certificates?

See also Covid-19 natural immunity compared to vaccine-induced immunity: The definitive summary, including an extensive list of studies on natural immunity. And Exclusive Summary: Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns.

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