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Reader Comment: COVID-19 Vaccine Worsens Arthritis, Kill Career and Retirement Plans

re: Injured by COVID-19 Vaccine? You’re SOL
re: COVID-19 Experimental Vaccines: Much Stronger Responses and Side Effects Given to Those Who Already Had COVID
re: Vaccine Safety: “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported”
re: Sebastian Rushworth MD: Do drug trials underestimate side effects?
re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

You’re SOL if the Trump COVID vaccines harm you. You will 'own' the damage to your life and all the financial costs too. No authority will give a damn, and no one will compensate you.

Crazy as it sounds, the vaccines were not tested on the groups most likely to suffer harm! Yup, test on healthy young people, then dose the untested at-risk group. Great science!

Weigh that risk against risk of COVID itself, and Long-Haul COVID.

BTW, if you had COVID already (natural immunity), getting vaccinated is nutty, barring special circumstances. I’d say “talk to your doctor”, but that would disingenuous, since few doctors can speak freely (even if they have the capability of free thinking). The science and data give no support to the idea of being vaxxed after having COVID.

Reader Walt writes:

Read your comments about the vaccine and have similar concerns.

After taking the vaccine my wife seems to be more sensitive to the arthritis in her hands.

A neighbor, known for 15 years, who is a female electrician foreman for a large corporation has taken the shot shortly after her mother dies of COVID 19. (Her mother was infected on April 1, dead on April 8.) She had recently bought a $26,000 Harley motorcycle planning to retire in two years and has been developing a vineyard near here in Washington. She had/has psoriasis well before the shot and that can contribute to problems later in life.

Talked to her the other day and her hands (arthritis) are so bad they cannot grip tools used by electricians. As a foreman it is possible to avoid heavy use of the hands. But then she has to climb ladders, etc. What is a real problem is her inability to use the clutch on the Harley. Also the vineyard cannot be worked anymore - small yard. There go the retirement plans!

It took two weeks after the shot for the hands to become immobilized.

WIND: these anecdotal reports will surely be dismissed by doctors as “coincidence” and never looked into by the FDA or CDC. It could be coincidence, but coincidences have a curious way of occuring non-randomly.

The body can be primed and "on the edge" and all it takes is one shock to send it over. The spike proteins of the mRNA vaccines send the immune system into overdrive. So that ggravation of auto-immune conditions by the vaccines seems a high-probability outcome,. Until there are well-done studies on the matter who can say—and even then the clinical data could be done subjectively, or fail to look at more than a small range of effects.

In cases like the above, how would you even know what caused the change? Biological systems exist in homeostatis, and any disruption can make all sorts of things happen.

When a young healthy and fit friend in his 30’s is taken down for ten days by the Astra Zeneca vaccine, you have to wonder just how badly the occassional older and unfit person might respond, not to mention other younger people.

We were told during the trials that neurological problems seen were coincidence, and later it was found to be a real side effect, now ackowledged as a 'rare' risk (probably a lot less rare than claimed). There are lots of risks and that information is being suppressed—just look at the early unexplained VAERS data—where is the thorough analysis?

Any doctor or medical person who asserts the side effects are rare is either a liar or a fool. No good data on the matter exists, the bias is both to ignore side effects on top of failing to look for them, and to dismiss most of them as coincidences.

Vaccine Safety: “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported”
Sebastian Rushworth MD: Do drug trials underestimate side effects?

The research data on side effects of the COVID vaccines is in its infancy. Only the worst effects will end up being studied, and by the time this is done, the confounders will be too great to make any non-debatable conclusions, since most of the population being vaxxed will leave no control group.

Can you trust Big Pharma to evaluate safety of their own product? Follow the money and the long history of criminal behavior by Pfizer alone.

Dozens of different harms could be occuring from the COVID vaccines, and the public is being misled to believe that it’s either 100% OK, or very rare serious problems. To assume this binary outcome is idiotic—in health and biology there is always a continuum. Your choice is to weigh those unknown risks against the risks of COVID itself.

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