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Life-Altering Risks Revealed for Antibiotic Exposure in Children

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Once again, we find the FDA and doctors complicit in causing lifelong damage by failing to properly evaluate drug safety.

The Epoch Times: More Risks Revealed for Antibiotic Exposure in Children

Feb 21, 2021, by By GreenMedInfo.

Children 2 years old and under who take antibiotics are at greater risk for childhood-onset chronic diseases such as asthma, allergies, obesity, and ADHD, according to a new study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

The study joins others that link antibiotic use and overuse with disease in young children, underscoring the need to weigh the prudent use of antibiotics against the harm they inflict on the gut microbiome early in life.

The findings, based on work by researchers at Mayo Clinic and Rutgers University, support the hypotheses that the trillions of symbiotic microorganisms living in and on the body that make up the microbiome shape the early development of immunity, metabolism, behavior, and other critical functions.


WIND: antibiotics for children is too often a case of medical (and parental) malpractice. Parents from ignorance, but doctors have no excuse, since they know that so many things do not warrant antibiotics.

Yes there are rare cases where antibiotics are warranted—my daughter at 30 weeks old (born 12 weeks premature) would have been dead of sepsis within hours had I not caught the infection early. The clueless doctors and nurses didn’t even notice the nearly lifeless “rag doll”, if that tells you anything about observational competence, even at Stanford Medical center. I wil never unsee or unlearn that reality of gross medical incompetence. Hospitals are extremely dangerous places for all sorts of reasons.

The antibiotic Metronidazole gave me permanent nerve damage. The dumb-f*ck doctor had no clue and never even acknowledged, nor was it reported to the FDA. I got quite a few emails from other scared-shitless people having the same “rare” side effects. To this day I cannot keep my arms bent at more than 90° for more than a few minutes without numbness in my fingers, and pain. Total hassle for sleeping and similar. I have had other problems with other antibiotics too. I am scared to use them now.

The truth is that the FDA and doctors are incompetent when it comes to drug safety. Their interests do NOT align with your interests.

Take antibiotics only in the most extreme need.

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