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COVID “vaccines” ===> Immune-Stimulating Prophylactic Therapeutics?

re: ethics in medicine
re: What is a “Vaccine”? Redefining it for COVID

I reject the effort to redefine longstanding terminology so as to facilitate public messaging (propaganda), because it undermines debate and ends up turning everything into fruitless quarreling. This is what has happened in politics, numerous examples abound there. So now it is being done in medicine.

Isn’t it time to call the Trump vaccines what they really are? That is, immune-stimulating prophylactic therapeutics (ISPT’s). With demonstrated benefits, but benefits that seemingly age about as well as last autumn’s filberts.

Of course the public needs something simpler than “immune-stimulating prophylactic therapeutics” or even ISPT’s. But the medical establishment loves such mumbo-jumbo (helps keep the unwashed impressed with their superior wisdom), so let 'em have it, or something similar.


The difference between a vaccine and ISPT is very important for public messaging, should any of our public officials ever want to do so honestly.

Because you do not acquire immunity from COVID with the “vaccine”. Rather you acquire some varying level of immune response against COVID, one that decreases quickly with time.

Compare that to infection-acquired natural immunity. Even that might fade with time (or in weak individuals), but all signs say it is superior to COVID ISPT’s—the body generates multiple responses to the virus.

Given more and more deaths from COVID among the vaccinated (especially in high-risk groups), some messaging points come to mind to help protect the public by helping them understand the risks:

  • The vaccinated need to understand that they are not immune, retaining some level of risk that progressively and fairly rapidly declines. Precautions should be taken for high-risk folks since their immune-response starting point might be low to begin with.
  • Those with natural immunity appear to be far better protected (longer lasting), an idea avoided in public discussion in favor of the “vaccination” mantra. Those with it can unload some of the psychological burden.
  • It might be wise to let healthy people acquire natural immunity with low risk (after an ISPT).
  • Similarly, it might be wise to determine the peak of resistance for “vaccinated” people at low risk to acquire natural immunity with low risk (after an ISPT).
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