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Gravy Train for Pfizer and Ilk, COVID Boosters Forever? COVID should be OVER Now, and We Should Treat it As Such.

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

The Trump vaccines are working great. Seriously, they reduce the death rate for the at-risk vaccinated quite a lot, saving lives. So I strongly recommend that anyone at risk get vaccinated. Unless you have natural immunity in which case it’s a coin flip—if it was going to get you, it would have the first time. But your doctor cannot even tell you that without fear of being fired. can you be fully vaccinated one day, and not be fully vaccinated the next? It’s easy, when something does not work well, just move the goalposts, and ignore the fact that the only people who might need a booster are those at the very highest risk:

“We have not yet changed the definition of fully vaccinated. We will continue to look at this. We may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future.”
— Rachel 'Hot Mess' Walensky, emotion-driven Director of the CDC

Shut up! Obey! Show your papers! Follow the money.

But vaccination is no panacea: the vaccinated get infected a lot more than acknowledged and therefore can infect others, a small matter that is suppressed by the press and government. And far more vaccinated people make up the hospital COVID population than you’d expect; the vaccines work poorly in the elderly and weak, just as all vaccines always have. Good stratified data could tell us a lot, but the authorities are wholly (or intentionally) incompetent at the data. OTOH, if you enter the hospital for any reason and get one of those ludicrous PCR or quick tests that bear little relationship to infectiousness or even symptoms, you are then tagged as “COVID patient”, further muddying useful analysis. A ridiculous situation that makes deciding policies nearly impossible. And shows that all of today’s policies are absurdities—these aholes are just not serious about quality data that could improve outcomes.

Could we really be in a pandemic of the vaccinated? That’s speculation, but given the fact that the virus is not being shut down in spite of so many vaccinations, any rational person has to at least ask that question. I’ve seen a lot of “COVID parties” in my area recently. Makes me wonder.

That COVID terrorism has been effective is eminently clear: outdoors in Palo Alto CA in the most heavily vaccinated county in the country, everyone was wearing COVID masks 2021-10-22. Local teachers whine about anxiety and fear of COVID... the psychological damage runs deep. But this should not surprise anyone: it’s a “my team says” thing that has nothing to do with sense or science. It’s all about science-by-anecdote, get your daily dose of that twaddle on any “news” network.

Regardless of the reckless and feckless incompetence of “science” and “data” these days, I strongly recommend that anyone at risk get vaccinated. But for most... crock of shit totalitarian crap that is destroying life all over the world. Psychological well-being and the ability to earn a living has no relationship to health? Firing health-care workers with natural immunity while claiming hospitals are overloaded (false) makes sense only to dystopians. The truly vicious people show their hand in demanding vaccinations, relishing the bad luck of those who oppose them, and wrecking the lives of everyone.

My wife is vaccinated—smart move for her. But most of the population is not at any particular risk for COVID, particularly children who are now subject to mandatory child abuse. Shame on medical personnel who participate in such wantonly anti-scientific and ethically dubious mandates for children. Along with the whole masking thing for children—grotesque beyond belief. But most people get used to anything, no matter how wicked.

The vaccines are working well... and not working very well. You should not need a booster every 6 months! And where is the hard, objective science on natural immunity 6/12/18 months out? I for example believe my April 2020 infection was COVID (I was never tested, being in a remote area for 3.5 months)—but what does that mean for my ability to withstand a COVID infection? Antibodies are not the thing that far out, but B-cells and T-cells are involved too. So far, I’ve seen zero credible data on this longer term natural immunity.

For that COVID terrorized: there is as yet no credible scientific evidence that the Delta variant is either more infectious or more deadly. I am shocked at just how badly done the studies are, and even how even doctors readily accept medical falsehoods they would reject for any other situation.

With even the WSJ delivering misinformation on natural immunity (citing no sources, claiming vaccination is superior, in contradiction to science), the propaganda campaign is in full swing, with all major media sources in the thrall of a small group of those who would dictate life for everyone here on out. With no signs of an end.

Growth in the death count plummeted long ago. Why are we still at this ridiculous mass hysteria? That’s the answer.

Anyone who wants to get vaccinated has done so or can do so in short order along with a booster. Do so, and then shut the fuck up. The whole thing is one giant clusterfuck—the only rational thing to do here in late October 2021 (18 months after the "just 2 weeks" thing) is to announce that nationwide, 1 month from now, all restrictions will be removed. Go enjoy the holidays, take precautions you deem appropriate for you and yours, and let everyone else do the same.

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