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The Epoch Times: Effectiveness of 2 of 3 COVID-19 Vaccines Used in US Drops Below 50 Percent After 6 Months: Study

re: Sebastian Rushworth MD: COVID: How long does vaccine based immunity last?
re: natural immunity.

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

On top of the massive study from Sweden, this large USA study has similar findings.

I’d bet that healthy people with natural immunity will be vindicated as having far superior immunity that lasts longer and reacts better. The body has a lot more than just antibodies when it learns to combat a pathogen.

In a nutshell, the “vaccines” have a poor efficacy within 6 months. It’s not a reason to dismiss them for high-risk people, but it does call a lot of things into question, including all sorts of questions related to risk assessment, and the government-mandated child abuse of vaccinating children who as a population have nil risk.

Bottom line for those who conclude that the Trump COVID vaccines are right for them (should always be a personal choice!): get a booster at the 4-5 month date from the last one, or whatever your doctor recommends. This study and the huge Swedish one both say very strongly that you have much reduced protection at six months out, on average. You might have to stay on the “booster treadmill” forever... but maybe the 3rd dose or the Nth will prove-out to have more lasting protection, and hopefully not cumulative side effects that manifest over time.

The Epoch Times: Effectiveness of 2 of 3 COVID-19 Vaccines Used in US Drops Below 50 Percent After 6 Months: Study

The effectiveness of the three COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States has declined in recent months, with protection against infection falling under 50 percent for two of them after six months, according to a new study.

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine dropped to 58 percent in September from 89.2 percent effectiveness in March, researchers found. During the same time frame, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine fell to 43.3 percent from 86.9 percent, and Johnson & Johnson’s shot declined to 13.1 percent from 86.4 percent.

Dr. Stephen Hahn, head of the Food and Drug Administration during the final portion of the Trump administration, said last year that the agency wouldn’t authorize COVID-19 vaccines that weren’t at least 50 percent effective against infection.


WIND: give it 7 or 8 months, and it’s like that even the Moderna vaccine (a much stronger does than the others) would not meet the stated minimum requirement.

Should the underperforming “vaccines” be deauthorized? Or should we move the goalposts and keep them? The claim is that they save lives, and they sure seem to. But what of the contradictions inherent in the efficacy cutoff, especially in light of the therapeutics about to debut?

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