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Double-Jabbed Wife Gets COVID... Pandemic of the Vaccinated?

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

My wife hardly ever gets sick over the years, always pretty minor on the rare occasion.

She was double-vaxxed (Pfizer) only 3.5 months ago, plus flu shot about a month ago.

About two weeks ago, she was hit by something that put her in bed for several hours each day for a few days, but she was up and around with some lingering symptoms within a few days. Nothing particularly bad, just fatigue/sleep needs and other minor symptoms.

She tested POSITIVE for COVID yesterday, about two weeks after initial onset, and when she is symptom-free. She has since been cleared by the county health department, whatever that means (no more tests for 90 days, screened for symptoms, etc).

Myself and daughter no issues

I was close at hand for several days during the worst of her downtime (leaving for my trip only once I was sure she was doing fine). My daughter was also in the house. Neither of us manifested any symptoms, though I felt 'off' for a few days. Yet surely both myself and my daughter were amply exposed.

Neither of us got COVID. I credit my natural immunity from April 2020 (20 months earlier). My daughter has not been vaxxed and is exceptionally healthy and very physically fit. I consider it an idiotic risk for a healthy 19-year-old like her to be vaxxed for COVID*.

PCR test fearmongering

The PCR test did not specify the Ct value (cycle threshold value). I’d wager that it is not stated on purpose, and probably an absurdly-high cutoff 1024X to 128K times higher than any rational cutoff should be (eg 35 or 42 instead of 25). High enough to pick up viral fragments for a long time and create many false positives, all to generate public hysteria and feed the narrative. It increases my skepticism when tests like this are bandied about as evidence of a problem, but lack all scientific credibility by not stating a Ct value. COVID terrorism.

What if she had some other health problem by coincidence and been hospitalized or died (guaranteed to happen for some of the population)... that would be a “COVID death”, which would be nonsense. I don’t buy into the single-cause argument for someone with other serious issues.


As a protective prophylactic, the Trump COVID vaccines seemingly have considerable value for those at high risk, or so the data claim. That is, if you trust a woke agency that says “pregnant people” to do the analysis. Risks abound when there are preferred statistical outcomes, as proven by most scientific studies being bullshit, especially in medicine in its newfound wokeness. Not to mention many other analytical risks.

Protection has now worn off for those vaccinated 4+months ago, and the authorities will become increasingly strident and desperate to blame everything on the unvaxxed and ignore natural immunity, so as to hide their own incompetence and lies.

A sample of one doesn’t mean anything, but it raises some keen questions.

  • Without vaccination would my wife have been in much worse shape? No way to know, but if she could be infected to the point of obvious symptoms only 3.5 months after being double-jabbed, that tells me that the protection offered by the Trump COVID vaccines quickly becomes impotent to ward-off symptomatic infection, and makes me wonder if there was any benefit to her at all. Probably some residual benefit, a head-start perhaps. We will never know.
  • Psychologically, my wife did not contemplate it being COVID at first, which means she could have exposed others. I kept telling her it could be but it took days to persuade her, and my daughter thought it was nonsense. Has anyone taken “jab psychology” into account, and that it almost certainly increases infections because of people not thinking they could be infected and thus exposing others? The CDC would surely not go looking for such data! Surely this is driving waves of infections; no other explanation makes sense other than a pandemic of the vaccinated, at this point. I see “COVID parties” of groups of people in close proximity all the time now, presumably all vaccinated, and it takes only a few such people to put everyone at risk. The pandemic should be over, but it’s not and I’d wager it is such vaccinated people keeping it going.
  • As a “vaccine”, the Trump COVID vaccines do not meet even my rudimentary expectations for what a vaccine should be. I expect at least a few years of protection. Though to be fair the influenza vaccine is yearly, I suppose. But ~3 months protection is pathetic, and that makes the risk assessment swing strongly against the vaccines for low-risk individuals, versus risk assessment based on assumptions of much longer protection.
  • Long-term side effects remain unstudied, and the placebo control groups have been deliberately broken. Very convenient for Big Pharma—no one can easily prove problems now. Why are we vaccinating healthy people for short term protection, forcing them to take on all risks of vaccination, for benefits that expire quickly?

To repeat: this looks increasingly like a pandemic of the vaccinated.

The Big Lie, around COVID vaccines has been the triply-dubious efficacy claims: (1) at the 2-month timeline when at a peak rather than 6 months, (2) very poor to nil representation in the study groups for the elderly/weak, and (3) improper endpoints—antibody levels are only a proxy for outcomes that matter. To be fair, the only thing that counts now is what actually is happening... based on manipulated and weak data, very poor data, very poor science, no control groups, no randomization.

The elderly and weak make sense for vaccination and boosters. So it is claimed, and I won’t dispute that or even argue against it. But everyone else, including kids? Increasingly, this whole pathetically ineffective vaccination hysteria looks like one of the Big Lies of the past century.

* I maintain that someone my daughter’s age (19) and excellent health is foolish to be take the risk of vaccination—the risk of going unvaxxed (nil) seems higher than the benefit, and natural immunity IMO and by much science is far better. CDC propaganda and manipulated cherry-picked statistics are not going to persuade me that a fit and healthy 19-year-old needs the jab. Maybe for the typical obese slob with pre-diabetes, or some such, but not her.

** Some studies show that there is no statistical difference in hospitalization and death after the double-jab after only 6 months!!!

*** Statistical cherry picking has become an art form at the CDC, be it vaccines or masks. Keep your political masters happy!

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