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Bicycling Safety: DiNotte Quad RED Tail Light

re: bicycling

I’ve been using the DiNotte Quad RED tail light for most of a decade.

Bright, reliable, just a great product. Don’t ride anywhere without one. In my testing originally as compared to without, I found that most cars gave me several more feet of room. So I never ride without one, day or night. Yes, it is plenty bright even in daytime.

DiNotte Quad RED bicycle Tail Light

The New Quad Red (Fall 2021) uses an upgraded lithium polymer battery that the light 50% brighter with 25% longer run time across every mode with a faster charge cycle.   It also uses a USB-C charge port which is more durable than Micro USB designs.   If you have ever wanted MORE RUNTIME and MORE Brightness, this is it.


The new DiNotte Quad RED is a fully integrated taillight in a small package that houses both the taillight and the battery. it uses a quick release system allowing the taillight to quickly come on and off the bike.  

The  Quad RED is a taillight many road cyclists will embrace.  People who never considered a taillight will finally say  "Here's a taillight that is bright enough to be effective, and it's simple enough to use/install/remove.  There is NO REASON  for a road cyclist to go without a DiNotte taillight now!

The DiNotte Quad RED has has three steady and three flash modes.  There are two different intensity levels for the steady background and burst pulse mode.  

A taillight doe not work unless it is extremely bright.  Until your taillight as as bright as an automotive taillight, it will not get the job done.   Brightness always wins.   

The Quad RED uses a USB-C Charging system (android phone and many other devices) making recharging the light simple and flexible for commuters.  

 The Quad RED charger is internal and the "USB Charger" is simply a power supply.  Most customers already own USB Power supplies (or charges) from smart phones, mobile devices or simply use a computer.  We recommend customers do not purchase a charger from us.  (Note - we will not ship USB chargers outside of the USA) 

How do you know if your taillight works?  Unless cars slow down and go around you, the light isn't doing its job.  The DiNotte light works because the taillight is seen by the cars in advance and the driver has time to decide how to go around the rider.  A taillight must be visible long before the bicycle which is why sensing/adjusting technology does not work with taillights.   A DiNotte Light makes the experience between the driver and cyclist a much more friendly experience.

Cyclists owe it to themselves to be equipped with the most effective safety tools, but they also owe it to the motorists to provide them with adequate warning.  The cyclist is typically in the least visible, but still dangerous spot of the road.  Giving the drivers adequate advanced warning is essential for safe riding in traffic.

The Quad RED uses a military grade battery and we intentionally only use the middle range of the battery's capacity (ie never fully charging, and limiting discharge)  As a result the batteries inside the Quad RED have tremendous reliability, longevity and when your battery does need replacement, the QUAD red can be sent in for battery replacement and the cost will be similar to one of our external batteries.  This is not a "disposable light" once the battery dies, though we do everything we can to maximize battery life.

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