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COVID Terrorism Re-Run: the Moronic Variant

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Just when COVID terrorism was slowly dying down, along comes the next 'variant' on-schedule. Funny, that scheduling stuff. I guess it takes time to ship it over from the source lab, must be a supply chain thing.

It’s called the 'moronic' variant, but often spelled as 'omicron'. The 'Xi' variant would be inappropriate since that’s what it debuted as (plus fentanyl = Xi), and anyway the WHO is a discredited CCP subsidiary so what do you expect. 'Winnie the Poo' variant might make it seem all cuddly though, and we could use that one along with Jab Me Elmo.

To fight this omicrap variant,we need to double-down and do all the things that did not work before, just harder. Any idiot knows that doing something that doesn’t work twice as hard is a great way of following the science—just do the math*.

So let’s call out the proven methods that worked starting in April 2020 and stopped COVID dead in its tracks in just two weeks. Sort of... well, OK, we just didn’t try hard enough. We need to try harder, longer, better.

  • Masks never worked against community spread because we didn’t wear enough of them or in enough places, like driving alone. So we need double or triple masks to get it right this time. Everyone riding a bike outdoors needs several too (big head start on that in hyper-vaccinated San Mateo County-yay!).
  • Farts have never been proven to be safe in COVID patients. Masks and butt plugs for all! Menstruating persons might need extra 'pro, but the experts can figure that one out.
  • Everyone knows children are germ factories. We already nailed this kids-in-cages thing 12 years ago, and kids love dogs, so let’s try harder and get it done!
  • No trips to Florida. They just aren’t trying at all. They’re all going to die for sure, twice as fast as anyone else.
  • Lockdowns with lots of plywood over doors and stuff like that, worked great in China. Nail it down, and take a good look at the experts Down Under shipping 'em off to quarantine camps, mate. Nothing like stress to help people recover. Why isn’t President Cornholio on top of this?
  • Close all outdoor recreation areas since everyone knows it works great to keep people locked up together. And every idiot knows that COVID spreads like wildfire in the great outdoors.
  • Boosters in your corn flakes. That 'jab' might hurt a little, but 10 'prizes' in every box! Add a little extra sugar with your statin, and it will be fine.
  • Discard the test control groups much earlier this time. Stupid anti-capitalist control freaks.
  • Don’t waste time on things that might work this time (Ivermectin, etc). We did such a great job already, why screw up the profit thing? Wait... we don’t have to try harder, it worked great already. Yay!
  • Make sure ALL doctors toe the line and use the approved useless treatments. That’s the way to discover new things that work!

* If you multiply by zero, you get a BIG number, according to famed economist AOC. Any socialist can explain this to you idiots. Follow the science thingy, you guys.

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