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COVID 'Moronic' Variant (Omicron)

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Caution: this post might trigger you into cognitive dissonance as it already has for one reader, who disputes even natural immunity as a thing.


All public policies have been proven to be moronic here in 2021, causing massive encomic and psychological damage to 1000X more people than COVID itself (well-off people and corporations made out like bandits). The twaddle-dee-twaddle-dum “we are all in this together” trope surely was invented by parasites in government, and welcomed by the virtue signalling wealthy. But ordinary folk have been hammered.

So it is only fitting that the anagram for the COVID Omicron variant is Moronic.

At least one South African doctor speaks about the Moronic variant as “very mild”. Maybe so, maybe not, but a new variant is a terrible thing to waste, as the “news” will educate you on.

To throw cold water on the fear-mongering COVID terrorists: what the world needs is an effective natural 'vaccine' to end this train wreck—a highly infectious but very mild variant that yields the far superior natural immunity.

Maybe the Moronic variant will get us there, and maybe it won’t. Probably it is still too dangerous to too many. But a wimpy COVID variant would be ideal, because it should be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a donkey that COVID is otherwise not going away anytime soon. And vaccines lasting 3-5 months and only working partially at that are not getting the job done to stop transmission.

Vaccines have been a total failure in terms of stopping waves of infections, a fact stunningly absent from the “news”, even if they have saved lives. But is even the saving lives part credible? The death toll with vaccines is far higher here in 2021 than in 2020, with a very large segment of the population being vaccinated and another massive segment having natural immunity. How can that be? It sure looks like something is happening that no one is being truthful on. Sure looks like a pandemic of the vaccinated. Of course, I could be wrong. But so far no experts have done anything but mis-predict from the start.

And all I want for XMAS is the CDC Pfizer trial documents printed on a 32-pack of toilet paper.

Anon writes:

Stick to cameras, lenses and the like or set up an entirely unlinked account for your attitudes to covid treatments , your ideas about vaccines and possible immunity from infection.

Your exaggerated reactions to the covid pandemic and treatments make me wonder about the trustworthiness of your camera and lens reviews. INMHO

WIND: luckily, I get very few emails of this nature.

They are characterized by one key trait that stands above all the rest: a failure to engage in the realm of ideas combined with denigrating the speaker, directly or subtly. That is what makes them unpleasant. An honest disagreement and its reasons are productive, and I might learn something.

This reader was triggered into cognitive dissonance, for which there are at least two "tells". First, it attacks the speaker instead of the ideas ("exaggerated reactions", "trustworthiness", "attitudes", etc). Attacking the speaker is always a "tell" for cognitive dissonance, with narcissism often flavoring the brew. Second, a failure to provide reasons/arguments related to even a single idea.

You and I learn nothing from this kind of ugly.

We all experience cognitive dissonance as part of brain function. I’ve had to work hard to consciously and proactively defuse triggers for it, and to monitor myself for my reactions. But it’s always a challenge.

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