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Sebastian Rushworth MD: The True Cause of Heart Disease, interview with Dr Malcom Kendrick

re: ethics in medicine
re: Recommended Books for Health and Wellness
re: cholesterol, statins, atherosclerosis
re: BMJ: “Subclinical magnesium deficiency: a principal driver of cardiovascular disease and a public health crisis”
re: What is a “Rogue Doctor”?
re: Dr Malcom Kendrick

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

A video is probably the worst place to start on a medical stopic, so I’d encourage anyone interested in this topic to read extensively instead. I recommend The Great Cholesterol Con: The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It and various other books for enough context to start thinking critically. You’ll need a few hundred hours of study to get a sense of things. Weigh such information against the failed mainstream dogma, and see what your bullshit meter reads.

Start at around 14:00 or so to get to some more interesting details. But be warned, it’s pretty slow going and your time may be better spent in reading.

WIND: whether Kendrick’s thrombogenic hypothesis (clotting related) will be proven right over ensuing decades remains to be seen, but the claim is that it fits things far better than the diet-cholesterol hypothesis (which IMO is now zombie junk science).

Comments below are mine, not Kendricks—

Do we see heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many more diseases all in steady decline for decades now? We might be able to treat bad events better when they happen, akin to fixing a broken-down car. But it’s still a broken-down car, steadily degraded over a lifetime, with modern healthcare failing to even do the equivalent of a single oil change. I would argue that many alleged COVID deaths are in fact deaths from a lifetime of bad living, the system being pushed over the edge.

Politicized food pyramids aside, there is still no agreement on what a “good diet” really is, though we can say what it is not (most of what most people eat!). All biological and other systems work well or poorly based on their inputs. That means diet/nutrition. And the medical profession (including most nutritionists), still takes itself seriously?

With regards to the diet-cholesterol hypothesis and low-fat diet craze, follow the money: it’s very difficult to get someone to believe in something, if their livehihood depends on not doing so. That characterizes nearly the entire food and medical industry, vast conveyor belts feeding a guaranteed and endless supply of unhealthy people into a massively profitable system. Just check out the supermarket offerings to see that this poisonous messaging is still being served for dinner, along with doses of excitotoxins. The food and medical industries are corrupt beyond repair, IMO.

Professionals having built their careers on the evils of cholesterol are not about to be objective about the diet-cholesterol hypothesis. And cognitive commitments and cognitive dissonance are powerful barriers against real science. So we now get a ludicrous (pathetic!) banter about good-good and good-bad and bad-bad and really-bad and dozens of other kinds of cholesterol. As if a theory needs to be made far more complicated and that will make the whole fallacious heap of manure smell good. Were it not so serious, it would be laughable.

Just how ridiculous can it get?

Most doctors believe what their senior doctors tell them without questioning it, along with preserving as truth the half of their medical learning (lore!) found to be wrong two decades later.

About two years ago, one of my primary doctors (family medicine) at first congratulated me on my excellent cholesterol results. I asked him if his opinion would change based on my CT heart calcium score (to be expected, perhaps) and his reponse was almost funny in the tortured way he retracted his first opinion.

A year later and following a long visit in which I discussed my severe symptoms of Long-Haul COVID, he actually called me after the visit and badgered me to get a cardiac stress test, suggesting that all my problems could be due to heart disease. He had literally zero to offer on the symptoms (I asked). Never mind that I have 20 years of data, and that current data showed my heart operating as consistently as ever. Never mind that only 9 months prior I had done things far in excess and far more strenuous than any lab test, and had done so for over a decade. Never mind that I have never had a single clinical symptom of heart disease, even at 14252 feet at my maxiumum heart rate. In other words, never ever mind reality or evidence. This is the way doctors are trained these days—to overdiagnose and medicalize! Of course, I could drop dead unexpectedly. That would not make me wrong and him/them right as this Long-Haul COVID thing did me a lot of damage.

This same doctor was wholly ignorant of the role of magnesium deficiency in heart disease, a rather critical factor in my case of over a decade of extreme exercise.

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