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The Epoch Times: Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin

re: Ivermectin

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Doesn’t matter that this case is anecdotal—the hospital itself gave up on this man and refused to follow his family’s wishes. They were ready to let him die rather than administer a drug that might help.

The Epoch Times: Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin

By Matthew Vadum, 2021-12-01

An elderly COVID-19 patient has recovered after a court order allowed him to be treated with ivermectin, despite objections from the hospital in which he was staying, according to the family’s attorney.

...Medical doctors are free to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID-19, even though the FDA claims that its off-label use could be harmful in some circumstances. Clinical human trials of the drug for use against COVID-19 are currently in progress, according to the agency.

... The daughter went to court on her father’s behalf and on Nov. 1, Judge Paul M. Fullerton of the Circuit Court of DuPage County granted a temporary restraining order requiring the hospital to allow ivermectin to be given to the patient. The hospital refused to comply with the court order.

...At a subsequent court hearing on Nov. 5, Fullerton said one physician who testified described Sun Ng as “basically on his death bed,” with a mere 10 to 15 percent chance of survival. Ivermectin can have minor side effects such as dizziness, itchy skin, and diarrhea at the dosage suggested for Ng, but the “risks of these side effects are so minimal that Mr. Ng’s current situation outweighs that risk by one-hundredfold,” Fullerton said.

...For more information on ivermectin and how to obtain it, Erickson said people should visit the website of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance at


WIND: this case infuriated me when I heard about it. As far as I’m concerned, the hospital staff involved should all face attempted manslaughter charges. At the least, the hospitial and individuals involved should be personally liable for millions in damages. Human scum unwilling to let a dying man’s family try something, or anything.

The judge involved should be censured also, for not immediately jailing hospital officials until they complied with his order. Just to make a point, going himself to the hospital with police, and having the turds over there arrested and charged. After all, a life was on the line. So disappointing. But at least it worked out in the end.

The narrative that “Ivermectin doesn’t work for COVID and therefore is to be denied” is an outrageous anti-scientific claim, as there is a lot of evidence that it might work. It certainly has not been proven to be ineffective entirely. It has never gotten a fair shot. Follow the money. I’d bet that it is WAY more effective than Merck’s dubious new COVID pill (30% effective).

Medical doctors working for institutions are NOT free to prescribe Ivermectin, as they will be threatened with firing and maybe even loss of medical license, and at the very least harrassed by management.

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