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COVID in the Family, One More of Us

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

See my prior post: COVID in the Family, I Count Myself Lucky, and How Does One Decide or Not?

My wife acquired COVID 3.5 months after her second Pfizer jab, my unvaccinated brother is having a very tough time at day 7 (even with treatment but not hospitalization), and I finally seem to be emerging from an 18-months Long-Haul COVID ordeal, wondering if I will ever regain my former strength.

Now my youngest daughter has caught COVID from several co-workers, all young and all three fully vaccinated. See pandemic of the vaccinated.

The emerging truth for which more and more evidence is piling up is that we have a pandemic of the vaccinated. The government propagandists and media continue to suppress and refuse to even mention directly ( “get your booster”), because it would undermine the idiotic narrative. But the truth is important: the vaccinated are running around infecting others while demonizing the unvaccinated (and infecting them).

Ironically, it popped up 9 days after her first Pfizer jab, which she was forced to get by her school in order to continue her studies. Aside form a cough and congestion, she feels good, but has cut her 2+ hour weight lifting bouts down to only an hour or so. I told her not a good idea to work-out with COVID (home garage, private), but she says she feels good and shrugged it off. Her school will still require her to get the 2nd Pfizer jab, which is about as scientific as astrology. But COVID policies are intellectual ghettos.

The idea that the unvaccinated are the problem is at this point a Big Lie, pure totalitarian propaganda in which the government wants to be your doctor. Get the jab to protect yourself if you decide based on guessing which of two risks you prefer, but we should stop the unscientific hysteria about the unvaccinated being at fault for the continued spread of this plague.

One more daughter to go, and the most at risk due to an auto-immune disease. Maybe she can get lucky with a mild case of the Moronic variant, if it is as mild as early reports indicate.

As for myself, I’m just fine so far. I guess my natural immunity from April 2020 (19 months ago!) is still going strong. Or I’ve just been lucky, having neither my wife nor my daughter pass the bug along to me. To be clear though: I do not count myself as fully protected or immune from re-infection since 19 months is a long time, but I’d bet I have far better protection than fully vaccinated people only 4 months later, for whom science shows lousy protection.

Of course, I could be wrong on two counts. First, it is always possible that my April 2020 infection was some weird virus that mimicked the symptoms of COVID (I spent the 2+ weeks in isolation in the mountains, and was never tested). It could also be that my natural immunity has fallen off enough to make me ready for re-infection. I can’t know either, but I have no plans to get the jab—medical science has damaged me in 3 major ways in my lifetime, and I am not going to fuck around with my auto-immunity issues, which still pop up erratically. So I’m placing my bet on doing just fine without the vaccine.

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