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COVID Quick Takes

re: The Epoch Times
re: BMJ

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Winter sucks, the sun is so weak... Study Reveals Benefits of Sunlight.


BMJ: The end of the pandemic will not be televised


...There is no universal definition of the epidemiological parameters of the end of a pandemic. By what metric, then, will we know that it is actually over? The World Health Organization declared the covid-19 pandemic, but who will tell us when it’s over?


WIND: total insanity. Military unreadiness with massive damage to morale, by decree.

The Epoch Times: CDC Vaccine Advisory Panel to Meet on Severe Condition Linked to J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine


A panel of experts who advise the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on vaccines is meeting Thursday to discuss updates to a severe condition linked to Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The panel will listen to presentations by CDC officials on thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), which U.S. drug regulators say has a “causal relationship” with the jab, according to a draft agenda for the meeting.

The syndrome is a combination of blood clots and low blood platelet levels... Researchers with the CDC last month found people who got the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) shot were far more likely to experience the syndrome when compared to people who got a Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.


WIND: missing is how this compares to actual COVID infection.

The Epoch Times: Navy Starts Process of Discharging Sailors Who Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine


The U.S. Navy is set to discharge sailors who have refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but sailors can still stay in the service if they change their minds.


WIND: total insanity. Military unreadiness with massive damage to morale, by decree.


The FDA’s War Against the Truth on Ivermectin

The Epoch Times: Naturally Acquired Immunity Versus Vaccine Acquired Immunity

The Epoch Times: Children and Vaccines: After FDA’s Emergency Authorization, a Look at the Evidence

WSJ: Should You Vaccinate Your 5-Year-Old?

The Epoch Times: Regulator Reviewing Reports of ‘Rare’ and Serious Condition Linked to Moderna Vaccine

The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots

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