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Sweden and Germany: No Deaths In Children Due to Covid


Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Millions of children with zero deaths?

Sweden and Germany: No Deaths In Children Due to Covid


The decision by parents to vaccinate their child against Covid is really a question of risk management. Parents must seriously consider that Covid-19 is a less dangerous illness for children than influenza. It has shown to be so and quite stably near 20 months now.

Children do not readily acquire this pathogen, spread to other children, spread to adults, take it home, get severely ill, or die from it. It is that simple. We know children tend not to transmit Covid-19 virus and that the concept of asymptomatic spread has been questioned severely, particularly for children. 

Children, if infected, just do not spread Covid-19 to others readily, either to other children, other adults in their families or otherwise, nor to their teachers. This was demonstrated elegantly in a study performed in the French Alps. The pediatric literature is clear science on this. Overwhelming data shows that the SARS-CoV-2-associated burden of severe disease or death in children and adolescents is very low (statistically zero).

Swedish data by Ludvigsson reported on the 1,951,905 children in Sweden (as of December 31, 2020) who were 1 to 16 years of age who attended school with largely no lockdowns or masks. They found zero (0) deaths. “Despite Sweden’s having kept schools and preschools open, we found a low incidence of severe Covid-19 among schoolchildren and children of preschool age during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.” 

recent German study (collating evidence from three sources 1) a national seroprevalence study (the SARSCoV-2 KIDS study), 2) the German statutory notification system and 3) a nationwide registry on children and adolescents hospitalized with either SARS-CoV-2 or Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome (PIMS-TS)) reported that there were zero (0) deaths in children 5 to 18 years old across the period of study.  

Governments and public health officials have driven this pandemic of fear and propaganda. But parents willing to assess this purely from a benefit versus risk position might ask themselves: ‘If my child has little if any risk, near zero risk of severe sequelae or death, and thus no benefit from the vaccine, yet there could be potential harms and as yet unknown harms from the vaccine (as already reported in adults who have received the vaccines), then why would I subject my child to such a vaccine?


This is a very important ethical matter. The death rate in children e.g. under 12, is as close to zero as we can get. None of the lockdown and school closure policies worked and all have failed with crushing harms on populations. 

We have masked our children, closed schools, locked them down, driven surges in suicides in adults as well as our children due to these policies, and now we seek to vaccinate children with a vaccine for which we have no data on the long-term harms. Is there any wonder why there is a loss of trust and why parents might be reluctant to comply with every edict being issued by governments concerning health? 

WIND: medical ethics do not condone inflicting harm in order to prevent a non-harm. Nor can an ethical person demand that others take on risks for no benefit. Even if you reject those premises (by what standard?!), it is radically anti-scientific. Vaccinating a child might help YOU in your comfort, but anyone who demands it is rationalizing-away their own moral failure.

Below, the COVID terrorism campaign by authorities really ought to be punished and exposed on national news. But that will not happen because the “news” business model is stoking fear.

The Healthy Skeptic: Coronoamania Lives Forever, Part 70


Here is more detail on the work done on supposed deaths in children due to CV-19.  It is literally disgraceful to attribute these deaths to CV-19.  Read those descriptions in detail.  So when you hear about deaths in children, it is almost never CV-19.

Copy this list and show it to your schools and politicians and supposed public health experts and ask them to insist that for that particular state these details be disclosed as well.  Please note that the database used does not include all states, if it did we would likely see similar results for even more of the deaths supposedly occurring in children.  It is simply outrageous to mislead the public in this way.

How many children have actually died of Covid?

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