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Medical Ethics: Denial of Medical Care Without Vaccination?


Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

See also: On COVID Vaccines, and Weighing Unknowns

I have presumed natural immunity from my April 2020 infection. In November, both my double-vaxxed wife and my half-vaxed daughter both acquired COVID (about two weeks apart), and COVID did not touch me in our small house, 19 months after my infection.

Could I be wrong? Sure—maybe my original infection just mimicked COVID right when it was peaking in the area and 4 days after resupplying in town. Maybe being at top fitness far beyond the norm and being well-rested and super healthy I was just unlucky with some random pathogen that April, one mimicking COVID. Maybe over the ensuing 19 months I just got lucky over and over and over and over again, wearing a mask only when it was demanded. Maybe having my wife and daughter with COVID two weeks apart, I just got lucky again. Yeah, it cannot be ruled out, and socialism totally works. Thank you, idiots and children of the world.

Denying me medically-necessary care

As part of my Saturday-night ER visit, I’ve been told that I should have cardiac stress test.

I was also told by my personal physician that Sutter Health / Palo Alto Medical Foundation will not do cardiac stress tests for an unvaccinated person. In other words, denial of medically-necessary healthcare. A policy violating both ethics and the overwhelming scientific evidence for natural immunity. I get that they want to minimize personal risk in that lab. But medical settings always have risks, particularly hospitals, where deadly pathogens lurk full-time. And I can supply a negative COVID test, even morning-of. So WTF?

UPDATE: my PCP was mistaken, at least for the cardiologist I chose. While he had told me directly that some of his patients had been denied for lack of vaccination, at least the local cardiology group which is a sub-entity of Sutter in told me that “whether vaccinated or unvaccinated you will need a negative COVID test 3 days prior”.

But it it were denied: medical “professionals” don’t get to deny care by citing a hysterical public opinion. You do your job taking appropriate precautions, just like everyone else must do. You signed up to treat everyone and you accepted the risks. If you can’t do that, you are no professional, and you should hang your head in shame. Why would you even go into medicine with such an attitude? Losers like that could never be in the military, where brave men and women do risk real hazards far more serious. So I hope that such denials are rare, and they really ought to be legally impossible.

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