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COVID: Test More = Find More Has Never Made Sense


Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

We are now heading deeply into Moronic territory with testing far and wide morning and evening, and the Chicken Littles of the world tell us the sky is falling. As I understand it, the Big Chicken Little will be crowing tonight, spurring the country to panic and fear and gloom.

And maybe announcing how to unf**k moronic decisions that have hurt everyone, e.g. using military personnel to mitigate shortages of medical professionals caused by firing them for not being vaccinated (never mind widespread natural immunity among that group). That’s a “plan” all right. Start a fire, then try to put it out—that’s what passes for leadership these days.

Cases” must necessarily rise in proportion to the amount of testing, way out of proportion to any changed reality. Including an unknown number of false positives.

So as the Brandon administration ramps up testing, expect hysteria to grow in proportion to the amount of testing. Which has nothing to do with whether we should be concerned. Indeed, it might turn out to be cause for celebration: Omicron could be a wonderful holiday gift. Let’s hope so! It does look increasingly likely, because even the gloom-and-doomers are saying it’s too early to say.

For the children and idiots in the audience and those unable to compare the right things, even the weakest pathogen causes problems for some. The comparison is not to a mythical state of perfect health, but to the alternative of Delta and Alpha strains, and how quickly we can stop ruining the lives of most of the world.

We don’t engage in massive testing programs for anything else and AFAIK never have, because widespread overwrought testing programs are a useless waste of resources with no actionable useful outcomes other than wrecking plans and lives. All medical professionals know that as standard practice you test only when there is good cause. We engage in testing willy-nilly because of raging hysteria about COVID. Test for symptomatic cases and leave it at that. We are NOT going to stop Omicron, not with testing, not with vaccines, not with lockdowns, not with half-assed masks, not with anything. Only children and idiots are still signed up for such fantasies, which they should have realized a year ago at the latest.

Yesterday’s stunning statistics are not less impressive because of the rampant testing we are seeing. The rapid dominance of the COVID Moronic (Omicron) variant is a wow, and it could still be shown to be a wonderful holiday gift.

If Omicron is going to start killing people, it sure is taking its time. The one and first death in the USA reported yesterday looks like total bullshit—a heavy load of comorbidities and weak immune system, as so many COVID deaths have been. I am not signed up for violating decades of medical practice in assigning sole blame to a pathogen while ignoring a truckload of other medical infirmities. As well as ignoring co-infective pathogens, looking for and seeing only COVID, or even “probable” COVID.


  • High probability: the blessed virtuous among us (the vaccinated) will be infected by Omicron at far higher rates than those with natural immunity. Those with natural immunity will fare better than the vaccinated.
  • Very high probability: the authorities will include those with prior natural immunity that were then vaccinated as “vaccinated”, thus turning the data into garbage so as to claim that the vaccinated are doing far better. When in fact it was all about the natural immunity for half the population or more.
  • Very high probability: natural immunity will continue to be ignored, so that people like me will be in the class of untouchables, castigated as too stupid and mean spirited to get vaccinated. To be increasingly excluded and hated by the most vicious class of people ever to be in power in this country, the current ruling party leaders.
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