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The Epoch Times: The Obesity Factor (for COVID Hospitalization/Death)


To quote those demonizing the “unvaxxed” (most of whom probably already have natural immunity):

“You are irresponsible, and prolonging the pandemic! Go to the back of the line at the hospital if you choose to have an unhealthy weight. Maybe we should not treat you at all”.

I reject both fat shaming and such viciousness. But pro-vaxxers are all-in on shaming. They deny the right of choice, they deny superior natural immunity, they are the natural enforcers of the totalitarian state, willing and eager to demonize whatever groups suit them. Metaphysical killers eager to become real ones. Surprising they have not turned on the obese, but wokeness has no reason to it.

Our medical establishment has been grossly irresponsible in not speaking the truth about COVID risk factors eg obesity—wokeness and political correctness triumph over science. That alone should make you never, ever trust them again.

The Epoch Times: The Obesity Factor

2021-12-27, by Jennifer Margulis, emphasis added.

...In March 2021, a CDC study discovered that approximately 78 percent of people hospitalized for COVID were overweight or obese. A team of nine scientists examined the health records of 148,494 adults and found that people right at the threshold of a healthy weight had the lowest risk of severe COVID-19, while people with higher BMIs were at increased risk. Of especial concern was the risk of obese people under 65 years of age being hospitalized, put on a ventilator, and dying from COVID.


WIND: doesn’t that pretty much say it all? Obesity is not just obesity, but a whole host of co-morbidities.

IMO, the BMI index is garbage science, even if it gets it right most of the time. It once categorized me as “borderline obese” when at 8% body fat. Good enough for government work I guess. And nitwits claiming to be scientists.

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